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OVERVIEW of the Program

A wide variety of theatre arts experiences are offered through drama class and performances with integration into the school’s curriculum in order to meet the diverse needs of students and make all instruction more meaningful.

Drama classes focus on developing presentation and acting skills (acting in the moment, projection, improvisation, self-esteem, and teamwork) by building mutual trust and confidence through improvisation, scene work, acting exercises, and performing polished pieces for school audiences.

Through the Spring Musical Production, Bethany Baker creates a nurturing atmosphere of trust and respect among all participants as students set individual goals, from building self-confidence in expressing themselves effectively in front of others to developing skills for future opportunities in the performing arts. Students school-wide may audition for the annual production. Visit this page for details as they are available.

Visit our archives page to reminisce about past shows and view photos from the past 15 years of dramatic musical theatre productions.

Visit the Bethany Baker, MEd page to learn more about Mrs. Baker, her experience, and her philosophy of teaching.

Lion King 2018

Seussical 2017

Annie, 2005