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Liam's Minecraft Server

Liam's Minecraft server can be found at minecraft.theburleys.org

To set up
  • Start Minecraft
  • Hit "Play"
  • Hit "Edit" button at top
  • Hit "External" button at top
  • For "server name", you can enter anything. Such as, "Liam's Bday World". Hit "Done" when done.
  • In the Address field, delete the numbers and enter "minecraft.theburleys.org". Hit "Done" when done.
  • You can leave the final field for port alone. Hit "Add Server".
The server should now show up in your list, and you can connect to it any time you can get online. If you have any trouble, we recorded an example below.

Two important notes if you have trouble connecting
  • Your "name" in Settings must not have any spaces in it!
  • This only works from Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) on your phone or tablet. This will not work from your desktop or laptop version of Minecraft.