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Repairing Homes. 

                            Restoring Hope.

The Build Team Wants to Help You or Someone You Know!

We are here to help with essential home repairs. We help families in Northwest Cook and surrounding counties struggling with financial and personal burdens to complete home repair projects that enable them to remain in homes they own. 

  • Do you have home repairs that can not be started or finished due to hardships that your family is struggling with currently?
  • Are you currently concerned about being able to stay in home due to the need for home repairs?
  • Do you have special repair needs for anyone in your family? 
  • Do you know someone who does? 

Review the checklist below to see if you or someone you know could be helped by The Build Team. Qualified applicants must: 
  •  Own and reside in a home in need of repair (no rental properties)
  •  Have homeowner's insurance coverage
  • Reside within the area of Northwest Cook and surrounding counties
  • Fall below the combined median household income for the area in which the applicant resides, or otherwise demonstrate an existing financial burden
  • Be current on mortgage and property tax payments
  •  Demonstrate a current need for the request repairs

 Project Request May Include:  Projects May Not Include:
  •  Exterior repairs to roofs, doors, windows, etc. 
  • Elective reconstruction or remodeling projects 
  •  Plumbing repairs
  • Redecorating projects or unnecessary aesthetic changes 
  •  Electrical repairs
  •  Installation of handicap accessible ramps & railings
  •  Heating and air conditioning repairs
  •  Other necessary home repairs 

If you believe you might be someone we could help, please complete the Application for Services fully, as we cannot give final consideration to an incomplete one. All information will be kept confidential. See the Application for Services document attached below. 

If you know of someone who is in need of our help, please refer them to our Application for Services. Thank You. 

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