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Welcome to the new-look Juniors site!

We hope the information here will be useful. The new site is a work in progress. You may find empty pages at this stage as the site grows and develops. Please do explore and revisit the tabs at the top of the page. 

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Word of the Day

                                                A Poem About BSB

With great teachers, awesome days, the BSB is Super Great!

Our learning is bright and we love this school, our classes and classmates are  supercool!

From Library books to nice uniform looks, from stupendous academies that should be awarded Grammies,

We have fun days and great times, that we will never forget in our lives,

We have iPads and computers and also great tutors,

With new experiences in languages and music are fun and terrific P.E. games out in the sun!

I hope you come here to BSB, it will make you happy…I Guarantee!

 by Sophia Allam 5M

The BSB!

Please be our guest,

Because we are the best.

You’ll love your teachers,

They have amazing features.

If you come to this school,

You won’t be a fool.

It’s not hard to find,

Someone who is kind.

If you come to our school,

You’ll be popular and cool!

Written by Zaina Hussain and Talia Kaiksow 4H