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These photo's are of some of our favorite fishing holes. Not only do they hold some great fish but they are also a great place to watch the sunrise while standing in the river or fishing from the boat.

The top few pictures are of my personal favorite fishing hole. This particular place is best wading and I'll tell you why.

The are high hills on both sides and you have to take a path leading down to the river. Once your down the vegetation opens up and there it is. Granted you hear it the whole time as you make your way to it. The river flows lazily around the bend about one hundred and fifty yards up stream. As the water comes to where you are standing it seems to pick up momentum but this is only because it becomes much more shallow where you are standing and you can see that years and years of this water flowing past this particular spot has left a massive deposit of gravel stretching three quarters of the way across and one hundred yards down the river. There is life all around. The gravel sets the stage for some of the best salmon and steal head fishing in the state. Across the river there is a massive dead tree which after years of erosion from the moving water has fallen into the river head first. Like clock work everyday, as soon as the sun comes up there will be different types of turtles sunning themselves like the haven't a care in the world. Usually you will see at least one eagle as well. This is where I fell in love with fly fishing.