"Really folks, how much gas do you have
to pour on a fire before it's a
BAD idea?
How Not to Light A Bonfire

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"Yes, that is a couch!"


There is nothing we like more, here at THEBIGRIVERFISH.COM than a huge fire! We always end up throwing something on the fire that you wouldn't normally burn. Most of time , it pretty hilarious! Do you have some great fire pics that you want to share with us?
we will post them here with the rest of the great fire pics. Video's of a reasonable length will also be posted if you so desire! Join the RING OF FIRE!

Fire is an amazing

Unfortunately, fire can
also be very dangerous.
Be smart and be careful!

My father in-law recently purchased a large amount of wood to combat the ever increasing rise of heating cost. And when I say a large amount, I really mean a ton! He installed a wood burning stove which ties into the existing duct work for their home furnace. At over $90 a barrel for crude oil, I would have to say that this is by far the better choice for home heating. Check out the pics we have of this huge pile of wood.

When presented with this gigantic amount of wood one must ask himself, "what should we do with it?"

Split it and stack it you say? That would be the most obvious! I think we can find a better idea!

Oh yeah! Lets burn it!