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Allotment at St James Centre - Get involved!

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Whats coming up at the St James Centre and Arts Cafe

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Macmillan Coffee morning

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Trip to Alexandra Palace

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The St James Centre and Arts Cafe

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East Malling - Launch of our "New look" Veg Bag Scheme!!

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Starts Wednesday 10th October. 10am to 3pm every Wednesday.

In partnership with Spadework, we are changing the style of our long running veg bag scheme at The St. James Centre.

The new format allows customers to select their own veg, how many items they have and how much they spend.
There is no longer any need to pre-order and pre-pay - you just pop along on the day,make your selection and pay the amount.

All products will be pre weighed, bunched or bagged as they were in the previous style veg bags.
For example - carrots will be in bunches, potatoes in bags, beetroot grouped, cabbages individual - all at a set price depending on the product.
Any unsold veg is returned to Spadework at the end of the day, so there will be no waste.

The changes have been made after consultation with our customers and volunteers and this is a trial scheme until Christmas.
If there is demand, we may also include other items from Spadeworks shop, such as eggs.

Please promote and even use our new veg bag scheme - thank you!

East Malling - Autumn Fair and launch of the Community Arts Cafe!

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Event at The St. James Centre. Chapman Way. East Malling.Saturday 17th November 2012

This event will host an Autumn Crafts Fair with hand made goods, general stalls, entertainment and activities.
SPECIAL NOTICE! -  It will also celebrate the launch of our Community Arts Cafe at 12pm.
More details to follow but please note the date in your diary now!

Event will run from 10am to 2pm, with the launch of the cafe at 12pm!!

East Malling - Macmillan coffee morning at St. James Centre Cafe

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This event is joint hosted by St James The Great Academy and The Beat Project @ The St. James centre.  From 9am to 11.30am.

There will be a raffle, fun games, good company and yummy cakes!                                              

(Please bring something yummy with you that we can sell to raise money - or something for the raffle, thanks!)                                                                      

All are welcome and we hope to see you there! 

The St. James Centre. Chapman Way. East Malling. Tel: 01732 846314. E:


East Malling - Olympic Quilting Project "A gift of quilts"

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Olympic Quilting Project: East Malling Craft and chat Group took part in this prestigious project and were thrilled to learn that their quilt was voted in the top 20 of all the quilts exhibited - nearly 500 in total! The quilt has already been exhibited at Olympia, Earls court in London and will now go on to be exhibited at the NEC in Birmingham, along with the other 19 quilts that made it to the top 20!!  - Well done East Malling!

Read on to find out more...

This was a National project, organised through “A Gift Of Quilts”

About the project:
‘A Gift of Quilts’ is the project being organised by Jenny Rundle and Sharon Garrick plus a team to encourage ‘stitchers’ all over the UK to make and donate up to 500 patchwork quilts.  The object is to give a quilt to each country participating in the London Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 (The Games) as a unique sign of friendship and peace.

East Malling Craft and Chat Group: The making of our quilt…

Our group made a quilt design based on their own front doors; the design also included “hands” from group members around the edges of the quilt. Our project was open to all members of the community and was truly an “all inclusive” project regardless of ability or any other factor.

To begin with, all members had their hands drawn around and also took pictures of their own front doors; both were incorporated into the final design.

The group learnt techniques by making a small quilted square each. They went on shopping trips to get all equipment and materials required and they have also had trips to exhibitions that feature displays of quilts and workshop demonstrations. We met some of the organisers of the "Gift of Quilts" at one of the exhibitions and had a good chat with them about the outcomes and aims of the project, which really inspired the group further.

We had one lead tutor and 2 assistants - it was a very detailed project and all members required assistance. They also required a lot of patience as it is quite a slow process! The more capable tended to help others sitting near them.  It took a few months but once the quilt was complete it was personally handed in to the gift of Quilts team.

The quilt was featured in a display at “The Stitch and Craft Show” held during March at London Olympia, plus all quilts are featured in a commemorative book.

The group went by coach to the exhibition at Earls Court and were thrilled to see their quilt hanging on display along with nearly 500 others. Quilts of all sizes and designs were featured and the East Malling Craft & Chat Group Quilt was one of the largest and looked spectacular on display!

The group were very proud to gather around the quilt for a photo shoot.

We found out at the exhibition that our quilt was ‘drawn’ by the German Olympic team and will be presented to Germany at the start of the games.

We were also pleased to meet a young British Olympic sailor, Annie Lush, on the day. Annie kindly posed for a picture by our quilt, with group member Jane Barnard.


The Craft and Chat Group have made a duplicate quilt that is currently on display at the St. James Centre in East Malling.

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