Our Mission


Artistic Director

The mission of Theater/Dance Workshop is to give support and provide venues for unknown artists and or performing arts. We also are committedto make the performing arts accessible to the community and provide experiences for many that otherwise would be impossible or prohibitive due to costs or simply because of scarcity or proximity concerns. We have also always reached out to the community when themes in our productions complement and or reinforce other non profit organizations trying to reach the community with messages that benefit the community at large as

well as their specific populations. 
Looking at our 20 years of work one can see that one main focus has been producing original plays. We have produced staged readings of original work throughout and drawing from these readings produced full productions in NJ and NYC. Full Bloom by

David Salem in NJ and at 
the Grove Street Playhouse, NYC, in 1997; Five Fingers by Lester Osband in 1999 in NYC;  South Beach by Peter Brav, 2003, in NYC. Suicide Gal Won’t You Come Out Tonight by Jay Boyer, 2009, NJ. And the mission continues with our planned production Summer of 2015 again producing Suicide Gal ... in NYC along with original works by Sheldon Wolf and Peter Brav. While original works clearly fit criteria for an unknown art there are plays by established artists that also are not widely known and have been introduced to our audiences. Most do not know that Eccentricities of a Nightingale by Tennessee Williams was his rewrite for Summer and Smoke. But he did not get it to the Broadway producers in a timely fashion so even though this version was the one the playwright wanted mounted it was Summer and Smoke that was produced on Broadway. We produced Eccentricities... in 1995 and continue this mission of introducing unknown work by established playwrights as well as that of unknown playwrights. 

Resident Director

We will be staging plays by Christopher Durang April 2015 in NJ and again in NYC that have never been staged previously and as a result are not widely known.While plays have been a main focus we have also provided venues for many other performing artists through the years. The storyteller singer Tom Gala and poet Veronica Golo in 1998 and numerous dance artists over the 20 years. Notably we were the first company to introduce Argentine tango to the NJ/PA area in 1995. Our mission at the NJ location has always been to provide a theater venue that was not available in this area. Providing material and talent that could be found in cities but not accessible here. Also, to keep prices so low that anyone could attend. To ensure that most of our productions over the 20 years one could attend by giving any monetary donation and only if 
they were able. No one has ever been denied access to a show because they could not afford it. We also wanted to give opportunities to community members to experience the arts from the performers’ role and in conjunction with one of our friends - Actor’s Dance Studio - offered scholarships in dance and acting to people who could not afford lessons.

The NYC productions were always intended to give our artists and their work the opportunity to reach a larger audience.. We have been instrumental in giving new artists their 
first professional experiences as well as bringing a play to the attention of other producers. And people in NYC cannot not always afford to go to theater even though they are living with it all around them. Continuing our mission that no one should be denied that opportunity we will be asking only for donations for our NYC production August 2015 and again no one will be denied if they cannot pay.  Finally we will continue to reach out to other organizations when themes in our productions complement their mission statements to benefit the community at large as we have done in the past. We worked with NAMI in Princeton NJ and Attitudes in Reverse in Trenton NJ with our production of Suicide Gal... in 2009 dealing with issues of mental illness