Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I submit a play for consideration?

All plays should be emailed to mduryea@theaterdanceworkshop.org and cc to sgaissert@theaterdanceworshop.org.  Hard  mail should be sent to Theater/Dance Workshop 1012 Brunswick Avenue Trenton NJ 08638.  If you want your play returned you need to include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  We accept plays throughout the season for staged readings and production considerations.  While we do not confine ourselves to certain themes or structures we prefer realistic treatments of the human condition and one set requirements.

How can I get involved - are you only interested in plays and playwrights?

We are interested in any one that wants to become involved in a theater production-performers, directors, stage managers, set designers, or production staff.  And you need no previous experience.  One of the missions of T/D wkshp is to provide hands on experience for members of the community -working with professional theater people as a training ground.   Formal membership is encouraged but not required to participate in any of the productions. 

How can I become a member?

There is a yearly membership fee of $25.00 and when you are a member you are given first consideration when casting and choosing material  for productions.  You also receive discounts on tickets.  To become a member contact kvoigtlander@theaterdanceworkshop.org


When are your productions?

We try to do staged readings in the fall and spring and one full production each year.  Bu dates and time frames are not set because they are often contingent on the material that we receive.  We also may work with the same material for more than one season.  For example, with the original play Full Bloom by David Salem we did two staged readings and one full production in NYC.  We worked with that play for 2 years.


What are the advantages of becoming a member?

When you are a member you are given first consideration in casting and in regard to intellectual property.  A playwright will always be given a staged reading for any play.  Also, for all ticketed events there are discounts for members.