This Week in Social Studies:
Scholars will begin to learn about the Indus Valley Civilization. They will work on an online map and understand how the geography of the area affected the people. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What can my scholar do to improve his/her grade? 
Scholars are welcome to redo any in-class assignments and homework assignments on Fridays with Mrs. Vazquez. 

Why can't my scholar redo his/her work at home? 
It is important that scholars to do their own work and this is the only way to be certain that happens. Unfortunately, some parents (meaning to be helpful) are doing their scholar's work for them or helping them too much. This is also a good time for Mrs. Vazquez to help them fill in any gaps that are still present. 

My scholar has always had high marks; why is he/she earning low grades in this class?
This class is probably the most challenging class of their 6th grade year. Many of the assignments require critical thinking, which can be tough for scholars who have always breezed through their work. Scholars have to learn new ways to retain information, study and to be detailed in their work. Scholars will need to be active learners to do well in this class. 

When I average out my scholar's grades, they don't equate to the grade on PowerSchool. Why is that? 
As per the class syllabus, assessment are worth 50% of the class grade. Projects are work 30%, in-class assignments are worth 10% and homework is worth 10%. Because the assignments are weighted, you cannot just average out all the grades. 

How do I keep track of my scholar's required assignments?
It is time for scholars to keep track on their own but if you want to help, you can find everything on this website or in their agenda. 

Grading Policies 
  • Always encourage your scholar to communicate with the Project Manager about grades. They are now old enough to take on this responsibility. 
  • There is turnaround time for grading but I will do my best to get them in quickly. If assignments are turned in late or are redone, they go to the bottom of the pile and will be graded last. This can take a month's time to get to the top of the pile. This is a good lesson on turning work in on time and turning in work done well the first time. 
  • Work that can be redone will be kept in the classroom and redone with Mrs. Vazquez on Fridays. Work may not be redone elsewhere because Mrs. Vazquez will not be able to help fill gaps nor can she be sure who has done the work. Scholars can redo any homework and in-class work (category in PowerSchool).
  • Work on PowerSchool that has the two dashes --, or is completely blank has not been graded. If work is missing (not turned in, no name, etc.) the missing symbol will placed on PowerSchool and a zero will be assigned until work is turned in or claimed from the no-name pile. 
  • Parents, please read the comments on PowerSchool. They are highlighted.