What is The Angelic Link?

The Angelic Link offers a variety of treatments and classes by its practitioner’s who use various modalities to re-balance the body on the physical, mental and emotional spiritual levels. Healing is not done on just the physical level. Problems must be addressed on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Health can be achieved as we partner with you in the healing process. We support standard medical treatments and feel that Holistic methods compliments that approach. Sage and Judith team up to deliver treatments combining Sages intuitive insights and guided healing touch with Judith’s Polarity balancing & Reiki. A session begins with Sage scanning a clients energy field to discern where blocks manifest in the body and what emotions are locked up there. Each session works on all levels of body, mind & spirit. It is not necessary to re–experience difficult past situations for clearing to occur. We work with the participation of our clients, bringing to the surface patterns of behavior that have been blocking healing and forward movement.