From Acorn Practitioner to Accredited Coach

From a taste & see weekend to a fully accredited support package. 

Recommendations from Former Trainees

We take pride in knowing that individuals who train to coach with us go on to make an impact in their chosen field of work.  They also tend to stay connected (with us and with peers they trained with) through the Acorn Community long after the training programme is complete.  Often they come back to APP to engage in further cpd activities and we are delighted when they contact us to let us know how they are getting on. 
Below are the names and contact details of some of the coaches who have trained with us and who would be happy for you to contact them if you want to hear from someone who has completed one of our programmes.  You can check out their websites too to see how they have applied their coaching skills.
  • Rachel Barr, Life Coach / Youth Worker
  • Joanne Young, Creative Coach & Writer
  • Joanne Hannah, Relationship Coach
  • Sarah Howard, Performance Coach
  • Rosemary Armstrong, Performance Coach
  • Brian Jukes - MD Business Fix; working with small businesses to improve performance.

As you may know, APP offer trainee coaches a flexible, cost effective package that enables them to opt in or out of the APP Coach Training Programme at various stages along the route.  Here's a brief look at the core training programmes on offer.


Acorn Practitioner weekend - taste and see option

If you are not sure of how to progress then we offer the Acorn Practitioner training as a taste and see option which equips individuals to train in the use of the ACORN Model and gain key coaching skills and tools that they can apply in day to day practice. This new flexible structure enables people to become practitioners before entering into the more involved coaching certificate courses and makes the qualifications more accessible to those who are thinking about becoming a coach but are not sure it is for them.  Training in this way is also an excellent professional development route for those who want to upskill and apply a coaching approach in their workplace.


In addition to becoming a coach in easy, bite-size chunks, becoming an Acorn Practitioner invites you to become part of a community of practitioners eligible for ongoing support from the Acorn Community – such as coach supervision, continuing professional development, co-coaching and a chance to meet other coaches.Certificate in Coaching Practice - Our most popular course.

The AC recognised Certificate in Coaching Practice - remains central to all of our training and is the heart of our work here.  Individuals signing up for the 14 week programme will engage in an intensive, experiential learning journey that will provide the firm foundations on which to build their coaching practice. Other see it as a valuable personal/professional programme and are enriched by the skills and insight they gain from taking part (which many then adopt to influence their current work practices).


ILM Level 5 Qualifications - we offer the CCP and ILM Level 5 qualifications in Management Coaching & Mentoring as a dual award because the CCP foundation brings added value to the theoretical applications of the ILM programmes.  If you are planning to set up a private coaching practice offering workplace coaching (from Performance to Executive) or to work as an Associate Coach for an established Coaching Provider then the ILM qualifications may suit your requirements.


Independent AC Accreditation routes