National Careers Week 2018

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During National Careers Week try some of the activities and get involved. Make sure you know where and how you can find reliable information and support around making decisions about your future. Make sure you know and are aware of all of the fantastic support and opportunities on offer at The King Edward VI School.  

NCW2018 Activities at KEVI

Things to look out for and do during National Careers Week:
  • Familiarise yourself with the KEVI Careers site and provide your feedback and get entered into a prize draw
  • Sign up to some of the exciting opportunities this week
  • Locate the Apprenticeship and CEIAG displays in the Main School building
  • Use some of the NCW 2018 Resources to generate some discussion in Registration/Lessons 
  • Search for #NCW2018 on twitter and/or follow @CareersWeek 
  • Have a go at the quizez 
  • Make yourself a 1:1 interview appointment with one of the Mentors in school  
  • Use the Careerometer to compare the employment prospects of jobs 
 Links to activities

Generate some Careers discussions with staff and among your peers/colleagues. See if you know who did what job before they worked in school.

How much do you know about the 'world of work'? Test yourself

Registration Reources



Form Time Activity For All Key Stages

This activity is mapped to CDI Framework Learning about Careers and the world of work – Exploring careers & careers development
KS2 be aware that people’s careers are different and they develop in different ways
- KS3 describe different ways of looking at people’s careers and how they develop
- KS4 explain key ideas about career and career development
- KS5 /Post 16 reflect on changing career processes and structures and their effects on people’s experience and management of their own career development

Ensure all pupils have pen and paper

  1. Ask them to work in pairs for 3 minutes and write a list of all the jobs that they can think of.
  1. Pick a pair and ask them to share all the jobs they have on their list ( A member of the class can be asked to complete a flip chart with all the jobs as they are read out.)
    • Ask other groups to tick off any job shared by the first pair that they already have on their list and also make a list of any job the first pair have that was not on the other group’s list.
  1. Pick a 2nd pair and repeat the process using only jobs that have not been mentioned yet.
    • Repeat step 3 until there are no more jobs to be shared.
  1. Discuss the following aspects of the resulting list
    • KS2 Where do these people work? Group jobs into places of work such as Hospital, Office, Outside, Factory etc
    • KS3 Ask an employer or a member of staff to talk about their career and how it progressed. NB this may be better as a follow up activity.
    • KS4 Pick a career from the list that would be hard to do for a long time, for reasons such as fitness, popularity, the world of work changing, automation etc.. E.g. a ground keeper, social media manager or a ballerina – Ask pupils what would the worker have to do when they couldn’t do the job any longer.
    • KS5/Post 16 What routes are available to you when you leave school? E.g. University; Apprenticeships; School Leaver Programmes; Traineeships etc. Encourage pupils to think about how they fit in with their own plans

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