Welcome to the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance website from 
The King Edward VI School.

The aim of the Learning Trust is to provide the highest quality Careers Education, Advice and Guidance that broadens the horizons of all students and ensures they reach their full potential. CEIAG is to help students find out about careers and the world of work, develop employability skills and taking responsibility for planning their own career pathway - whatever route or pathway that might be.

CEIAG takes place in a number of ways across the Learning Trust; this includes, extended registration, assemblies and tutor time, as well as through school trips, visiting speakers and support from our Alumni. One to one support from Student Mentors is available in school every day for students, and parents can also book appointments. 

Data Sharing: From time to time The King Edward VI School will share relevant information with external sources in order to improve our guidance provision and support students and young people with their career aspirations. If you have any questions about who will see your information please see any of the Careers team. We do have a statutory duty to share your contact details and destination information with the Local Authority. 

The Three Rivers CEIAG policy