After over 40 years of offering a unique programme of ‘outstanding’ Nursery Education, following the Montessori approach, the Studio reluctantly closed its doors in July 2018.

We wish to say a huge thank you to all the parents for offering us the opportunity of nurturing their wonderful children during this time; of following their individual uniqueness and of guiding their playful learning. What a privilege it has been! 

From, Kim and Faith Simpson, and all the special teachers who shared the journey with us. 

At the Studio we believed in ‘Childhood!’. Montessori education is unique, focusing as it does on natural self–development.  Our environment was very carefully prepared, enabling each child to follow their own developmental agenda.  Our staff team nurtured confidence, independence and self esteem as a true preparation for life.  We provided an emotionally warm environment with resources second to none and a beautiful and natural outside environment. The Studio was the place where your child found "The freedom to be myself".

'The child’s work is to create the person he or she will become.  Adults work to perfect the environment but children work and play to perfect themselves.' - A Montessori principle

When children first came, we made sure that they felt safe and secure in their new environment as well as helping them to develop their sense of trust with the adults looking after them

This was a true children’s house, where everything was child sized and the whole environment was available for their enjoyment and use. The atmosphere was calm, supportive, happy, aesthetic and non-competitive.

"An exciting, caring learning environment where children blossom in all areas of development; socially; morally, spiritually and culturally" - Ofsted

The rest of this website is left here as a legacy and reference.

The Studio was a member of the Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames Early Years Partnership. Ofsted approved with highest rating. When eligible, 3 and 4 year old children receive Government Early Education Funding (EEF)