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SELF TALK: All power is within me I can do anything and everything I believe in it.
It's not that i'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer - Albert Einstein
Small changes can produce big result. The trick is to know where to change and when to change...
Most of the people refuse to understand, the secret code of success which is very simple: JUST TRY ONE MORE TIME IN A DIFFERENT WAY.
Excellent Answer To, What is Success ?  In simple words, When your "SIGNATURE" changes to "AUTOGRAPH" Thai is success..
The best day of your Life is the one on which U Decide your life is your OWN & U alone r Responsible for the quality of it.
"Change" is a Nature of life. But "Challenge" is a Aim of life So always challenge the changes, Not change the challenges.
Confidence comes naturally with Success but Success comes only 2 those who r confidence
"Take risk in your Life". If U Win, U can Lead.! If U Loose, U can Guide.!
Impressive Lines :-  Manzil to mil hi jayegi Bhatak kar hi sahi..  Gumrah to woh hain... Jo ghar se nikale hi nahi.
LESSION OF LIFE: There is no one busy in this world. It's always about prirorities. You will always find time for the things You feel are important  
Never worry abt the delay of ur SUCCESS compared 2 others bcoz construction of a PALACE takes more time than an ordinary BUILDING 
Whenever U share the goodness in ur heart, u always end up winning hearts because life is an echo It gives back what u have given to others."
Mistake is a single page in a part of life. But, Relation is a book of dictory. So, 'Don't loose a full book for a single page'..
World is not a Parking place It is a Racing track Keep on moving No matter when & where U start but Reach your Goal & make a new Record.
Golden words of Hitler: One who wins without problems its just  "VICTORY" but one who wins with lot of troubles that is "History"..!
What is Richness? True answer by Vivekanandji: "Richnesss is not Earning More, Spending more or saving more. Richness is when U need "No MORE"  
There is only one difference between dream and aim. Dream requires Effortless sleep whereas aim requires sleepless efforts
The best day of lyour life is the one on which U decide your life is your own and U alone r responsible for the quality of it
Lion tkes step back before it jumps forward so whenever Life Pulls U back, Don't worry It's going to lead U Forward to a great Victory.
Do not allow others to make your path for you. It is YOUR road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you!
A Famous sentence written on a Japanese bus stop. "Only bus will stop here not your time... so keep walking towards your goal... 
Hopes gives us the desire to face another day, to strive to overcome it's challenges and work for new ones.
When Your Absence doesn't make any difference in some one's life then your presence has no meaning in their life...!
Always feel free in telling what u feel & what U expect. Bcoz opportunities may b lost in a blink of an eye, but regrets can last a life long
A Businessman lost everything in fire next day placed signboard. "Everything burn but luckly Faith & Confidence Undamaged... Business starts Tomorrow. 
Never blame a day in life good days give happiness bad days give xperience worst days give Lesson & Best days gives memories So enjoy! Life is beautiful
Dreams are like stars you may never touch them but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny
Don't read stories of success, Read stories of failure. bcoz successful stories gives only msg. but stories of failure give new ideas to win.
Umindo ki kashti ko duboya nahi karte. Sahil agardur ho to roya nahi krte rakhte hai jo dil me umid kuch pane ki, wo log zindagi me kuch khoya nahi karte!!!!
There are two things to aim at in life: 1st, to get wat u want, & after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second...
Apj Abdul Kalam's Words: "If U Salute ur duty, U need not salute anybody, But if U pollute ur duty U have to salute everybody."
Akbar ne Birbal ko kuch aisa Likhne ko kaha jise khushi me padho toh gham ho, aur agar gham me padho toh khushi ho.. Birble ne likha "Yeh waqt gujar jayega"
Sapnu nahi pan rato badlay 6 Manjil nahi pan rasto badlay 6 Aasha jivant rakhjo karan k nasib bhale badlay k na badlay pan samy jarur badlay 6  
7 Funniest Contradictory words 1. Clearly misunderstood  2.  Exact estimate   3.  Small crowd  4. Act naturally  5. Found missing  6. Fully empty  7. Happily married.
A Superb Msg Conveying Life..: We have two Eyes & One Tongue, Which means weneed to look twice & Talk once.. We have two Ears & one mouth, Which means We need to listen more than we talk... We have two hands & One stomach so we need to work twice as much as weeat.. We have two major Brain parts, Left & Right  & One Heart, So we can thinktwice, But love only once.. Amazing how our body parts Remind us How to Live.. 
Ocean is common for all come take pearls some take fishes & come come out with just wet legs. Life is like d ocean, we get what we try for!
Speed can be calculated by Miles per hou. But our life is calculated by smiles per hour. So always be Happy. 
It is true that every effort is not converted in 2 success, But it is equally true that successs does not come without efforts..
Manzil toh mil hi jayegi mujhe ek din chahe bhatak kar hi sahi.. yaaro.. gumrah to woh log he jo ghar se nikle hi nahi....
If people are trying to pull you down? Be proud about it, because it only confirms that you are above them.
We are all born in this world for some special purpose... None of us are waste. So, Don't be a prisoner of past.. Be an architect of ur future..
Two thoughts decide your attitude. what do u think of yourself when u have nothing &; what do u think of others when u have everything.
Fact - In each single Day we smile and laugh So many Times... We never thank god after every smile... But, we do blame him 4 every tear we cry..! Amazing!
When you love someone, it's nothing. when someone loves you, it's something. when u luv someone & they luv you back, it's everything.
"Umbrella can't stop rain but allows us to stand in rain, Arthat Confidece may not bring success but it give power to face challenges"
God Asked "Wht is Forgiveness?"  A Little girl gave lovely reply: "It is d wonderful fruit. dat a tree gives wen it is being hurt by a stone"
"Happiness" is more important then "Smile" bcz "smile" comes from "Lips" But "Happiness" comes from "Heart"... So stay Happy foreever.
If egg is broken by outside force, Life ends. If broken by inside force, Life begins.. Great things always begin from inside! Trust Urself.
"Company of good people is as good as visiting the shop of perfume whether you buy it or not you are bound to receive the fragrance."
Our life begins with our cry...  our life ends with other's cry ... Try to utilize this gap n laugh as much as possible..  Be happy always..  Hv a nc day
Valuable thought "Don't mix d words wid ur mood bcoz u'll have many options 2 change d mood but u'll nvr get any option 2 replace d spoken words"
Never Reject Anybody in ur Life. Bcoz good person gives us Happiness & Bad person Gives us Experience. Both r Essential in life.
Life is an echo; all comes back, the good, the bad, the false and the true. So, give the world the best you have & the best will come backto you. 
Negative Thinking is as important as creative thinking. If creative thinking invents Aeroplane, then Negative thinking invents Parashute
Best Line by Dhirubhai Ambani "You will never reach your destination if you stop & throw stones a every dog that barks. Better, keep biscuits and move ahead"
Just a moment is not a life... But every moment is a turning point of your life..! Think slowly, U will get actual meaning of life.
Best message for life time : "If U desire to blossom like a rose in the garden...  ..    ....   ....   ....U have to learn the art of adjusting with the throns.."
A soft nature of a person does not mean weakness. Plz remember nothing is softer than water. But its force that can break the strongest rock.
Don't listen to those people who say: " Stop Dreaming & Face the Reality." Instead, tell yourself, " Keep Dreaming & Make it a Reality."
Great Thought... LUCK has a particular habit of favouring those, who don't depend on it...
Persistant People begin their SUCCESS where others end in FAILURE. A winner never quits , and a quitter never wins. Always be POSITIVE.
Two things to remember in life ... "Take care your THOUGHTS when you are ALONE" & " Take care of your words when you are in CROWD."
Nice Thoughts : In times of DIFFICULTY, Some People BREAK DOWN...   Some People BREAK RECORDS..!
" All our dreams cannot be translated into reality....  But they can act as a foundation stone for a glorious future..."
" Speak sweetly, so that.. if u have to EAT ur words they Don't TASTE BAD...! 
Arguments throws Heat on the Subject, While Discussion throws Light,Arguments shows who is right, While Discussions shows what is right. 


Success isn't a matter of being the best & winning the race, Success is a matter of handling the worst & still finishing the race.


"You are not responsible for what people think about You" but "You are responsible for what You give then to think about You."


I have Many Problem in my life.. But, my lips doesn't know that.. It always smiles..  - Charlichaplin 


Everything is easy ...! When you are busy...!! But nothing is easy..! When you are Lazy...! - Swami Vivekanand


Motivation keeps Us started. Habits keeps Us Running, Attitude decides Our Race. And M.IMP Values decides our destination.


Us Lamehe ko Bura mat kaho Jo Aapko Thokar Pahunchate hai Balki us Lamhe ki kadar karo Kyounki wo tumhe Jeene ka Andaaz Sikhata hai..


Just 3 Steps to Enjoy Life CTRL + Alt + Del 1. Control Yourself 2. Look for Alternative Solution. 3. Delete the Situation  Which gives you tension. Be Happy


When You start Your day keep 3 words in your pocket TRY, TRUTH, TRUST

Try: for better Future,  Truth: with your work,  Trust: in God.  


Good things come to those who wait, Better things come to those who Try Best things come to those who Believe So Make Your Trial with Belief


May today's Success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements


A Morning is a Wonderful blessing, either Cloudy or Sunny. It stands for hope, giving us another start of what we call life.  


Life starts with a voice but ends with Silence.. Love starts with a fear but ends with tears... True Friendship starts any where and ends no where...


A Successful Person is one who can lay a Firm Foundation with the bricks that others throw at him


Some People look at the world and say "Why?" Some people look at the world and say "Why not?" Have an Optimistic day..


Life does not provide Warranties  and Guarantees. It only provides Possibilities and Opportunities, Don't miss them, Make BEST of it.


The world Will Provide you with stones everyday; what you build out of it is your  outlook - A Bridge or a Wall


Life is cricket Don't lose your wicket Try to get Century Never forget your boundary Even if you are run out never become mood out Because God is 3rd Umpire 


Man to God Please give me everything So that i Can Enjoy life God Smiled and Replied I have given you life to enjoy everything


Life is not an i-pod to listen to your favorite songs. It is a radio, You must adjust yourself to every frequency to enjoy what ever comes in it.  


One day God Tested me, He erased All my memory and Asked Do You Remember Anyone Now? I told Your Name. God Smiled and said "Some Viruses cannot be deleted"


Hasi ka Inbox, Ansu ka Outbox, Gussay ko Hold, Muskan ko sent, Help ko Ok, Dil ko Vibrate Karo Phir Dekho Jindagi ki Ring Tone Kitni Pari ha Happy.


Think Well Plan Well Do Well Sleep Well Play Well Laugh Well Throw your mobile also into Well You are not messaging me well.


A Man Lost almost Everything in FIRE. Next day He Placed a Signboard Shop Burnt! House Burnt! Guds Burnt! But FAITH not BURNT, Shop start Tomorrow...


Every King was Once a Crying Baby Every Great Building was once a Blue Print. It's not where You are Today, But Where You'll Reach Tomorrow. 


Xcellent words by Bill Gates. "The Dream is not What you See in Sleep. Dream is the Thing Which does not Let You Sleep.. Think on it.. It is key of Success.


Smile and Silence are two powerful tools, Smile is the way to Solve many problems and Silence is the way to avoid many problems.


Success doesn't come to you. You go to it. Enjoy life. This is not dress rehearsal


Trust is a better compliment than Love. Because you may not always trust the person you love, but you can always love the person whom you trust.


Smile is a cooling System of heart Sparking system of eyes Lighting system of face Relaxing system of mind So active your all system and keep smiling Away


Every morning get up and look through the FORBES list of richest people in the world.... If Your name is not there....Please Go To Work!


Don't take rest after a success, Because If You fail.. Next time so many lips are waiting to say that your Previous Victory was LUCK..!


No one has traveled the road of Success without crossing streets of failure, God never promised us easy journey in life, he only promised safe journey.


God when i lose hope, help me to remember that Your love is greater than my disappointments & your plan for my life are better than my dreams.


Don't see others as doing better than you. Beat your own records everyday & you will surely get success, Because success is a fight between you and yourself. 


Most used Alphabet "A" doesn't appear in spellings of 1 to 999 ! It appears First time in 1000 & then continues !! Success Required patience & faith !!!


THOUGHT - "Umbrella Can't stop the rain but protects us. Confidence may not bring success but it gives a moral support to face any challenge


When you share yourself with others life begins to find its meaning. but the time you touch the lives of others, its the moment you truly start living... 


"When it is obvious that the goals can't be reached. Don't adjust that goals, adjust the action steps'"


A Blind person asked Swami Vivekanand:  "Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?" He replied: "Yes, Losing Your VISION"


The Secret of Success in life for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.


The plus (+) symbol is made with two minus symbols! All negative things can be shaped as positive by our hard work & positive thinking.


I am not a "Handsome" guy But i can give my "HAND" to "SOME" one who needs help. Beauty is in heart, not in face..! 


Baby mosquito came back after its first time flying. His dad asked him, "How do you Feel" He said "It Was Wonderful... everyone was clapping for me!" Think Different...


Luck is what Happens when Preparation meets opportunity!


It is not necessary to share everything between your true friends But it is necessary that what you share must be true.. 


If someone pointed out your mistake, be happy that at least someone is interested in what you have done!


Don't be scared by a person who practices a 100 kicks one time, fear a person who practices 1 kick a 100 times.


"7 is Great Number" Because 7 Colours make RAINBOW, 7 Swar make MUSIC, & days make Week, 7 Phere make Life Partner & 7 Letter make 

S U C C E S S 


Accept the challenges. So that you may feel the exhilaration of victory 


Whatever we Do, we must remember our aim at Every Moment. 

If you Dream to Fly with Eagles, Don't waste time in Swimming with Ducks! - Barak Obama


You are today where your thoughts have brought your you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


Idea without action is worthless


Life is a XXX (Triple X) Yesterday is Xperience Today is Xperiment Tomorrow is XpectationUse your Xperience in your xperiment to Achievement your Xpecatation 


The "LIFE" market is filled with people who know price of everything but value of nothing.   


Four Hardest tasks on earth.

1. To return love for hate,

2. To include the excluded,

3. To forgive without apology, and

4. To be able to say "Iwas wrong!"...


When you are in light everything will follow you. but when you enter dark even you own shadow will leave you.That's Life


Earning without cash-flow is like a beautiful but empty suit.


Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow...


Smile is the electricity and life is a battery. When ever you smile, the battery gets charged and beautiful day activated & Have a Nice Day.


Effective Communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.


Always try to take extra care of 3 things in your life 

1. Trust

2. Promise

3. Relation

Because they don't make noise when they break.


Passion is more Powerful then Brain Power


Don't depend a lot on Anyone's Advice, Because no one is so Experienced than you about your life. You are the only one going to Live & Lead your Life


Jivan ma mushkeliyo anek hoy chhe, Parantu te darek no ek rasto hoy chhe, Ane te rasto tenej male chhe, jeno chehro hamesha "HASTO" hoy chhe So Keep Smiling 


If you worry about a trouble It becomes double But when you smile at it? It Disappear like a Bubble So always smile at your problem  


TENDULKAR failed in 10th standard in 1988. but now in 2008 Maharashtra 10th std., 1st lesson is about Tendulkar. Make anything by self thats Achievement. 


Always have a 'UNIQUE' character like 'SALT' .. Bcoz presence is not felt but it's absence makes things 'TASTLESS'!!!


LUCKY people get opportunities. BRAVE people Create Opportunities. & WINNER are those Who convert PROBLEMS in to OPPORTUNITIES.

Choice is yours.


If u are willing to do only what is easy, Life will be hard. But ..if u are willing to do what is hard, Life will be easy. Just believe in yourself !!!


A beautiful day  is waiting for you. Walk with Aim, Run with Confidence, Fly with your Achievements, Have a Rocking Day. 


Saath chootne se rishte nahi tuta karate, waqt ki bhool se lamhe nahi tuta karate. log kehte he mera sapna toot gaya, tutati neend he sapne nahi tuta karate. ! Dream Big!


Darek dariya ne em lage che ke mari pase pani apaar che, Pan e kya jane che ke aa to nadi e Aapelo prem udhar chhe.


Khwaish aisi karo ke Asma tak ja sako Dua aisi karo ke Khuda ko pa sako, Yu to jeene ke liye pal bahot kam hai.Jiyo aise ke her Saas me zindagi pa sako.


Most of the fights between the friends are not due to problems, it's because one cares too much and other cares more than that. 


How Friendship breaks? Both Friends will think, the other is busy and will not contact Thinking it may be disturbing. As time passes Both will think let the other contact. After that each will think why i should contact first? Here your friendship will be converted to hate. Finally without contact the memory becomes weak. they forget each other 


No one in this world is rich enough to buy his childhood and youth back. However Friends help to recreate those moments from time to time @ no cost.


God hears more than you say, He answers more than you ask, He gives more than you desire all, He needs is your smile. Keep Smiling and be happy !


I have learned.. I came alone and I have to go alone.. 

I have learned.. People are with you only when they need you, not otherwise..

I have learned.. Extra care of anyone by you will ultimately bring a blame for you, not appreciation..

I have learned.. A simple lie of your close one can break you more than anything..

I have learned.. It's hard to weep alone when there is no shoulder to support..

Ultimately, I have learned.. Help people but not beyond the point of your dignity.. 


" Oppurtunity Follows Struggle. It follows efforts. It follows hard work. It does't come before."


Every morning You have two Choices. 1. Continue your sleep with dreaming.

2. Wake up and chase your dreams.  Choice is yours..


Beautiful Pictures are developed from Negatives in Dark Room. So if any time you check darkness in your life, it means God is developing a BEAUTIFUL FUTURE FOR YOU.


Good things come to those who wait better things come to those who Try best things come to those who BELIEVE in their EFFORTS. 


People will always throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make for it... A Wall /  A Bridge.. Your DECISION  Will change your life..


Champions are not super natural They just fight 1 more second when everyone else quits, sometimes 1 more seconds of effort gives you the Victory


Life is not an i-pod to listen to your favorite songs. It is a radio, You must adjust  yourself to every frequency to enjoy what ever comes in it. 


Why is Car Front glass so large and The rear view mirror small? Because Future is more Important than past. Look ahead with Bigger view  and move on!


Attitude Thought: Don't discuss about success and Don't worry about your failure, because both will effect your next step...   


Treat everyone with politeness Even those who are rude to you, Not because they are not nice  But because you are nice...


"COMPROMISING" doesn't mean that you are wrong and someone is right, It only means that you value your  "RELATIONSHIP" much more than your "EGO" 


Seediyan Unke Liye Bani Hain, Jinhe Chatt Per Jana Hai Aasman Par Ho Jinki Nazare Unhe to Rasta Jhud Banana Padta Hai


Creator Never Complains.....  complainee Never Creates.....


If You are Willing to Do Only What is Easy, Life Will Be Hard.  But... 

If You are Willing to Do What is Hard,  Life will be Easy.

Just Believe in yourself


If your Eyes are +ve, you would like all the people in the world, But if your tongue is +ve all the people in the world like you.


Mushkilo se bhag jana asan hota hai, har pehalu jindgi ka imtihan hota hai, darne valo ko kuch milta nahi jindagi me, ladne valo ke kadmo me jahan hota he.


"7 is Great Number" Beacuse 7 color make RAINBOW, 7 Swar make MUSIC, 

7 Days make WEEK, 7 Phere make LIFE PARTNER & 7 Letters make SUCCESS. 


Luck is not in your hands, Work is in Your hands. Your WORK can make LUCK, but, LUCK can't make Your WORK. Always TRUST YOURSELF, then Luck.


Life is not a rehearsal.. Each day is new show.. No repeat and No rewind.. So, give your best shot in all your Acts...


Past is experience, Present is experiment, Future is expectation!!!

Use your experience in your experiments to get your expectations.


Fight with Your Strength, Not With other's Weakness.. because True Success Lies in your Efforts, Not in other's Defeat.


Words and hearts should be handle with care because words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest thing to repair.


Every Situation has 3 dimensions - My Views, Your Views and The Truth!

Success goes with the one who follows the Third Dimension...


You cannot change your future... but, you can change your habits... And sure your habits will change your future.


Old concept: "Do or Die" New Concept: Do before you die" Latest Concept: Don't die, until you Do".


When it rains all birds occupy shelter, but EAGLE is the only bird avoids the rain by flying above the cloud. Problem is common to all but attitude makes the different.


To love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without reason and to care without expectation is the heart of a True Friend..


Relationship is Like Tajmahal... Everybody will Wonder How beautiful it is! But, Nobody can understand How Difficult it was to Build.!


Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.


A Winning horse doesn't know what is win. It only runs in pain given his rider. So whenever you are in pain, think that God wants you to Win Good Life


Good life is one inspired by Love and guided by Knowledge


'TRY' is a small word that can make a big difference... If we try, we only risk FAILURE, but if we don't try, we will ENSURE FAILURE