About Department

Information Technology 


 Prof. Anup Gade

(Head , Information Technology Department)

PhD ( CSE )*

Email id:- hod.it@tgpcet.com


About Info-Tech Department
  • The institute offers course of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology since 2007 and Post-graduate Programme (M.E.) Wireless Communication & Computing  with intake of 24(Twenty Four). 
  •  We possess a team of experienced and well-qualified teachers with well-versed of subject knowledge and having a deep, steadfast commitment to disseminate quality & value-based education in technical subjects.
  •  The department library serves 100 reference & text books as a ready source of information. 
  •  Information Technology dept. has various applications in the field of Software Testing, Software Development, E-governance, E-Commerce and other such like industries. 
  • The Department is dedicated to research, education and overall excellence. 
  • The various programs taken up here aim at exposing students to the developments in the field of computing, thereby enabling them to meet the needs of the IT industry and research organizations in India and abroad.


Key Strength
  • The students are working on Industry Sponsored and Innovative Projects.
  •  Active Industry-Academic Collaborations.
  • Vibrant Professional Society Chapters (IEI/ISTE/CSI).
  • Hands-on training is given on latest technology looking at improvement in quality of  project work.
  • Organized Short Term Training Program and Faculty Development Program on regular basis.
  • Every year Department publishes Annual Magazine “Infomatics” and Newsletter “Info-Times ".
  • Parent-Teacher meet is organized every semester to discuss various ongoing activities in department and academic progress of students.