Standard 10 Geography

Standard 10 geography includes Topographical Maps, India Map Marking, and topics related to India.
The paper style consists of Toposheets for 20 marks, India Mapping for 10 marks in Part 1. In Part 2, there are 9 questions pertaining to 10 lessons out of which students have to attempt any 5 full questions of 10 marks each. The Paper style is as under:

Part 1
Q1. Topographic Maps- 20 marks
Q2. India Mapping- 10 marks

Part 2

Q3. Climate of India
Q4. Soil of India
Q5. Natural Vegetation of India
Q6. Minerals of India
Q7. Water Resources of India
Q8. Agriculture in India
Q9. Agro based Industries of India
Q10. Mineral based Industries of India
Q11. Transport in India + Waste Generation and Management ( 5 marks each)

I am uploading various items on the page which students can download and read at their convinient time.

I am also enclosing the pdf files for complete notes on most of the topics for those who like to read pdf files for content.
Hope this will help all students in all ways.                                            
Jaydeep Mehta