Welcome to "Getting Started with Google Sites in Your Classroom"

What is "Google Sites"?

Google Sites
is a component of the Google Apps product suite that allows students and teachers alike to easily create and update their own web site. Perhaps the most powerful feature of Sites is the ability to quickly and easily incorporate a wide variety of media into your web site, such as videos, image slideshows, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text. The site can then be shared for viewing or editing with a small group, an entire organization, or the world.

Before we begin, we will be opening up two separate web browsers to easily work and swap back and forth between two different accounts. If you do not have a gmail account, we will take a moment to create one right now. This is the account we will be creating sites in - that way, you can easily refer to your creations!

  • STEP 1: Open Chrome and log into your personal gmail account.
    • Once you have your gmail account up and running, please come back to this site and browse around to see what we will be doing!
  • STEP 2: ...i will demonstrate
ONCE EVERYBODY IS LOGGED IN, we will change a setting in gmail Sites to allow us to use the new interface - go into Sites, click on the gear icon (far right), select "User settings" and click on the "Use the new look" box. You will now be ready to go...whew...

I have leveled the concepts and activities in this workshop with Level 1 being the easiest and Level 3 being the most difficult:
   Easy peasy...any noob can do it!
   Some thought required...may be in for some tough sledding.
   Mostly for seasoned veterans...although with some thought, effort and the Internet, it can be accomplished!

Why Google Sites?

Is there a place for this is my Classroom?

Technology + Purposeful Learning = Engaged Learners 
Google Sites is fully integrated with Google Docs. That means you will be able to seamlessly integrate aspects of Google's wide range of products and services, including Maps, Calendars, Picassa, Youtube & Docs into Sites. If you are familiar with the Google Docs suite of applications, you will have experienced how they can help you and your students to become more efficient and productive in the classroom. Using Google Apps allows for the development of meaningful and practical lessons which can be edited and published from any Internet device that is connected to the Internet. The Apps suite is a powerful collaborative tool which will enable students to work together on peer editing, collaborative projects and give the teacher the power of immediate feedback and increases accountability.

Google Apps for Teachers Google Apps for Students
  • Planning tool that has the student in mind
  • Integrates lesson plans and resources into a common framework which allows for a seamless transition between teacher plans and student resources
  • Allows for collaboration with colleagues to develop common curriculum and assessments
  • Increased accountability on the part of the student
  • Save work online in the cloud - no uploading/downloading or emailing to hand-in or revise files
  • True real-time collaborative environment with peers
  • Excellent comment and feedback loop gives students constructive analysis while working on an assignment or project