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Appetite for Apps?

Why Google Apps for the Classroom?

Technology + Purposeful Learning = Engaged Learners 
The Google Apps suite of applications helps you and your students to become more efficient and productive in the classroom. It allows for the development of meaningful and practical lessons which can be edited and published from any Internet device that is connected to the Internet. The Apps suite is a powerful collaborative tool which will enable students to work together on peer editing, collaborative projects and give the teacher the power of immediate feedback and increases accountability.

Google Apps for Teachers Google Apps for Students
  • Planning tool that has the student in mind
  • Integrates lesson plans and resources into a common framework which allows for a seamless transition between teacher plans and student resources
  • Allows for collaboration with colleagues to develop common curriculum and assessments
  • Increased accountability on the part of the student
  • Save work online in the cloud - no uploading/downloading or emailing to hand-in or revise files
  • True real-time collaborative environment with peers
  • Excellent comment and feedback loop gives students constructive analysis while working on an assignment or project