This is our report of the goings on in the North-East Kingdom of Vermont, June 1-10, 2012.

The Guild has partnered with the Old Stone House Museum folks to replace a barn that came down about 100 years ago.

Many hands and hearts and minds have brought us to this point; now the field work begins.

One of our Missions is to ensure that people understand the central role timber framing played in the building of America (and every other nation in the temperate forested zone).  From the tracing of settlement patterns through agricultural archecture to the study and detailing of historic American joinery and truss building, the Guild continues to build on our building history.
The Guild runs a nationally recognized Apprenticeship program designed to systematically and professionally advance the training of fledgling timber framers for a lifetime of meaningful work.   This program is recognized by the US Department of Labor, and has attracted committed participants from accross the United States.  The program will expand significantly in 2012, opening the door to a new class of Apprentice.
Guild members have a 25 year track record of powerful community-service contributions from Suriname to many of the states and most of the provinces, and as far east as St Petersberg. Something about the power of collective action continues to make it possible for us to attract skilled practitioners and enthusiastic neophytes to events like this one.