The Journeys 2017 reading program offers numerous resources to support the Common Core Standards and prepare students for the MCAS 2.0 assessment in the spring. The program offers an anthology of literature as well as leveled guided reading books. The Reader's Notebook is used to introduce and reinforce skills such as drawing conclusions, predicting story events, identifying story elements, summarizing literature, vocabulary enrichment, spelling, phonics, and grammar concepts. We will often combine phonics and spelling lessons together with a focus on a particular vowel sound or letter pattern. The Writing Handbook provides modeled writing activities that demonstrate how to effectively write with a purpose and audience in mind.

The Journeys online component allows students access to their reading resources both in school and at home. Children can reread their text, review skills, and practice vocabulary with a variety of online activities. A username and password are required for participation in this program. This information can be found on the inside cover of your child's “Student Planner.”