Welcome to the Official Website of TESDA Provincial Training Center-Bukidnon

The Leading Center of Technical Excellence in the Province of Bukidnon


        Provincial Training Center – Bukidnon with its globally competent staff, up-to-date technological equipment and facilities, it is  geared towards the development of an educated and highly skilled workforce with positive work values in the field of Automotive Servicing, Welding, Electrical Installation and Maintenance and Consumer Electronic Servicing.

                The training center is located on a 5,191 sq.m. lot at Hagkol, Valencia City in the province of Bukidnon. It is one of the Provincial Training Centers established by the 

                Philippine Government through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

               The Training Center consists of two buildings: the main building constructed in 1994 houses the Administration Office, Automotive and Welding Workshops. The 
                second building constructed in 1997 and refurbished in 2004 is home to the TESDA laboratory and Electrical workshops.

         PTC – Bukidnon with its well-trained and competent staff seeks to develop among the out of school youth, displaced workers, persons with disabilities, unemployed 

        and underemployed adults, the skills and proper attitudes of a world-class skilled manpower to address the skills demands of the country and the labor market 



         PTC – Bukidnon is also a duly accredited TESDA assessment center and conducts competency assessment to TVET graduates, OFWs and industry workers for 

        skills certification.


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