Welcome to TESDA Region VII Website


Each year, TESDA  Region  VII comes up with motivating themes to set the direction and strategies by which to accomplish our goals and targets.

In 2013, we had "It All Started with a Spark". This was inspired by TESDA's quest for an ISO Certification which TESDA 7 truly worked hard for and successfully acquired.

In 2014 - our goal was to maintain the momentum we have established and  we  came  up  with  "Keep the Flame Burning" as our "battle cry" - and we sustained it.

2015 was "Leveling Up" for us as we embarked upon several special projects and activities which truly tested everyone's strength of heart and commitment to service.

This 2016, we look forward to a more challenging goal of "Going Beyond" boundaries for TESDA Region VII........

With this in mind, only our SINCERE and QUALITY service is what we aspire for you out trusted Partners and Public.