Welcome to TESDA Region VII Website

Transparent and accountable governance are hallmarks of the new Public Service system, where transactions and processes involved in the delivery of public good and services are rendered in an open, fair and responsive environment, and where the various publics are actively engaged and informed.

Through this regional website, we provide valuable information to our customers to guide them make informed decisions on matters pertaining to the exercise of our mandate as an Agency, that is, education and training and certification and assessment. 

Likewise, we expect our customers to make use of this website to serve as our listening post, where we can get feedback from them on the quality of services that we provide.

In a way this serves as our two-way window to the outside world where we can engage and inform our publics and vice versa.

It is our hope that through this media platform, we can contribute to creating an enabling culture where effective, efficient, honest and transparent delivery of services thrives - for the benefit and satisfaction of the constituents that we serve.