It’s been our dream sometime from the hinterland of Salvador, Lanao del Norte that we could have a web site where we can post information of the Salvador Trade School and other activities to link to the world.

    Basically our intention and purpose is the creation of an e-learning delivery method that utilizes today’s technologies to move the acquisition of skills and knowledge closer to the user, more quickly where our target audience is the students. The web site development of the school delivers instruction, learning and information available anytime, anywhere and become the on-line repository of documents and files where everybody could utilize. It also serves as the digital space to access learning information, to get activity direction, to realize collaboration and to perform learning assessment. The net is now the portal to deliver on-line data for storage and to retrieve and process data for information.
    Finally my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everybody who are behind in making this web-site development possible.
Vocational School Administrator
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