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STEP Mass Graduation of Congressman Robert Ace Barbers

posted Jun 2, 2018, 9:38 PM by Caraga Web Admin   [ updated Jun 2, 2018, 9:39 PM ]
March 22, 2018 - The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority in Partnership with the Office of Hon. Robert Ace Barbers, Congressman of 2nd District of Surigao del Norte, recently held its Mass Graduation Program for the Special Training for Employment Program (STEP) Scholars at Villa Virginia Compound, Barangay Rizal Surigao City.
It was a bright and wonderful day to these graduates. They are in their usual casual attire and some of them were accompanied by their loved ones. You can see the smiles on their face and the happiness they possess. The audience were also excited for this momentous event especially the working team of Congressman Barbers. At last! Graduation day has come!

Another bright future has been given through TESDA’s commitment to provide everyone the skills no one can take away from them. We are showing that “If you give a man a fish, he can only eat for a day but if you teach him how to catch a fish, he can eat whenever he wants”. With the starting kits we are giving to them, one life can change forever.

Mass Graduation and the Toolkits to be distributed

The Graduates and Training Providers:


1. DOM RAC NC II (25) - Provincial Training Center (PTC) headed by Elena O. Cacho, PhD.

The Graduates for DomRAC

2. SMAW NC I (25) - Surigao del Norte College of Agriculture and Technology (SNCAT) headed by Abegail B. Eupeña, College Administrator II

The Graduates for SMAW NC I

3. Prepare and Cook Hot Meals (20) - SNCAT

The Graduates for Prepare and Cook Hot Meals (leading to Cookery NC II)

4. Manicure/Pedicure (26) - Livelihood Training and Productivity Center (LTPC) headed by Genaro B. Azarcon.

The Graduates for Perform Manicure and Pedicure (Leading to Beauty Care NC II)

In Attendance:

1. Allan S. Millan - OIC Provincial Director TESDA Surigao del Norte

2. Lt. Col. Allen Tomas, Battalion Commander 30 IB, TOR IV PA

3. Lyndon S. Barbers, Former Governor of Surigao del Norte.

4. Staffs of TESDA Surigao del Norte, LTPC, SNCAT and the office of the Congressman of the 2nd District of  Surigao del Norte

Allan S Millan, OIC Provincial Director of TESDA Surigao del Norte
Lt. Col. Allen Tomas, Battalion Commander 30 IB, TOR IV PA
Robert Lyndon Barbers, Former Governor of Surigao del Norte, representing Congressman Robert Ace Barbers

It was indeed an uplifting day because they are not only equipped with the right knowledge and skills but also with starter kits that they have received. Congratulations to these graduates, to TESDA Surigao del Norte Provincial Office, and to the Office of Surigao del Norte 2nd District Representative Hon. Robert Ace S. Barbers.