Testing Resources

Welcome to the Testing Resources page! 

As you pursue your degree, you will probably discover that your courses include exams and quizzes. Or maybe you’d like to earn credit by taking exams through the TECEP® credit-by-exam program. Whatever your needs, you may have questions about registering for exams, studying, online testing and other topics. The links on this page will take you to articles with valuable information and advice. More content is added regularly, so bookmark this page and come back soon!

In addition to the articles linked below, the University has developed a suite of testing-related tools to help you succeed in your courses. Watch this video for details about these tools and where to find them: University Testing Tools Video

Taking an online course at Thomas Edison State University? These blog posts have tips for taking your exams and quizzes:

What is a Practice Exam and What Can it Do for Me?

How practice exams compare with "real" exams and how to use them

3 Handy Tips From the Pros for Taking an Online Midterm or Final Exam

How your course exams may be different from exams you've taken in the past

The Secret to Using a Study Guide to Ace Your Next Exam

What exam study guides are, where to find them, and how to use them

The Anatomy of a Course Exam: How a Test Becomes a Test

A behind-the scenes look at the University's process for creating course exams

What to Really Expect on your First Online Course Exam or TECEP®

How your exam is structured and what you'll see on-screen during your session

What Makes a Good Exam Essay? What Mentors Wish Students Knew

Tips for writing a complete, well-written, organized essay using the University’s online testing service

Why Do I Have to Take Quizzes in My Online Courses?

How quizzes help you assess yourself, fill knowledge gaps and build a foundation for exams

What to Do If You Miss a Midterm, Final or TECEP® Exam

Steps you should take if you unexpectedly miss a scheduled exam

3 Things Taking a Course Exam Reveals About You

Why you should be proud of the skills you demonstrate when you succeed on course exams

Been a while since you’ve taken a test? Brush up on your test taking skills:

Evaluating Your Own Test-Taking Skills

Questions to ask yourself about your strengths and weaknesses as a test taker; these may be especially useful in courses that have practice exams 

Basic Test-Taking Strategies

General as well as specific pointers for before, during, and after your test 

How to Write With Style and Impress Your Mentor

How to improve your essay by writing economically, projecting confidence, and having a great first and last sentence  

7 Test-Taking Tips for Adult Students

Advice geared specifically toward adult learners who need to prepare for exams 

How to Answer Multiple-Choice Questions: What Exam Creators Wish You Knew

Strategies for reading and answering multiple-choice questions, plus pitfalls to avoid 

How to Write Better Essays: 6 Practical Tips

Becoming a better writer by reading more, choosing words carefully, and other strategies

20 Words and Phrases Your Examiners Are Tired of Reading and What to Say Instead

How to improve your essays by avoiding clichés and increasing originality

Test Taking Strategies

General advice for taking tests, especially the "Before the Test" section 

Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips

Several quick hints for answering multiple choice questions 

14 Most Effective Tactics to Conquer Test Anxiety

What to do—and what NOT to do—on test day

7 Mistakes the Night Before a Big Test You Will Never Make Again

How to avoid pitfalls before test day

Want to know more about Thomas Edison State University's own credit-by-exam program? Read about TECEP® exams here:

Diploma Mills and Accreditation

U.S.-government website explaining the difference between legitimate universities and diploma mills offering credit for "life experience"

Earn College Credit Through Saylor.org/TESU Partnership

How to prepare for TECEP® exams by taking free TECEP®-aligned online courses

Answers to 13 Testing Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

Questions and answers about online proctoring, TECEP® exam titles and advising

5 Quick Facts You Didn't Know About Taking TECEP® Exams Online

Tips to ease your mind about whether to register for a TECEP® exam

How the TECEP® Test Description Can Teach You Everything You Need to Prepare for Your Exam

An in-depth look at TECEP® Test Descriptions and exactly how they help you prepare for a TECEP®

This TECEP Timeline Explains Everything To Do Before the Test [Infographic]

Nuts-and-bolts instructions for your TECEP® exam’s “who, what, where, and when and how”

The University accepts credit from other credit-by-exam programs, too. Thinking about credit by exam? Here’s some general information:

Finish an Online Degree via Credit by Exam

How adult learners are expediting their educations and cutting costs with credit by exam

Credit By Exam: Colleges’ Best Kept Secret

Why credit by exam is an efficient, popular choice and who should consider it

Tips to Help You Prepare for Credit-by-Exam Programs

Four helpful study tips for anyone pursuing credit by exam

Testing,Testing: Is Credit-by-Exam for You?

An honest look at whether credit by exam is right for you… or not

7 Credit-by-Exam Myths BUSTED

Warnings for anyone who thinks that credit by exam sounds easy