Online Student Handbook

Welcome to Thomas Edison State University and your online course. As an adult learner and online student, you probably appreciate the freedom of earning credit toward your degree while studying on your own schedule and in your own location. However, to complete your coursework, you need to be self-disciplined and self-motivated. You also need to be organized so that you can study on a regular schedule. When you bring these qualities to your coursework, you will make steady and rewarding progress toward your educational goals.

The Online Student Handbook contains the information you need to get organized and to stay on track as you proceed through each Thomas Edison State University online course. The principal sections of the Handbook are indexed in the column at the right. These sections contain essential guidelines for completing various administrative tasks for which you are responsible (e.g., acquiring your course materials, submitting assignments, arranging for examinations, and keeping the University informed of status changes), meeting the academic standards established by theĀ University, and pursuing your education with honesty and integrity.

All this information needs your careful attention so that you get the most out of your courses and receive the proper credit. Before doing anything else, please read the Handbook carefully and refer to it frequently. Students often find it helpful to print the Handbook for easy reference.