At Te Puna School we are extremely proud of the clever and creative kids that we get to work with. We endeavour to provide a variety of programmes that reach out to students with special abilities across a wide range of subjects/disciplines. Teachers are asked to nominate students from their classes who they think will be suitable to attend the GATE courses being offered. These like-minded groups then work together to learn new skills, extend their thinking and ultimately demonstrate their new learning in a variety of ways. 

Examples of student work is celebrated on our GATE blog, which can be viewed by clicking here.

The Shoe Show

This animation was planned, filmed & edited by Anika, Brianna & Courtney, aged 8.

GATE Rationale
The New Zealand Curriculum/Marautanga o Aotearoa acknowledges the particular needs of gifted and talented learners. It is designed to allow for flexibility of application so that the needs of diverse learners can be appropriately responded to. This is fundamental to providing a learning environment that meets the abilities, interests and needs of the gifted and talented.

Gifted and talented practice in New Zealand aligns with the vision for young people identified in The New Zealand Curriculum.
As the curriculum explains, New Zealand educators aim to develop young people:
  • who will be creative, energetic, and enterprising
  • who will seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural, economic, and environmental future for our country
  • who will work to create an Aotearoa New Zealand in which Māori and Pākehā recognise each other as full Treaty partners, and in which all cultures are valued for the contributions they bring
  • who, in their school years, will continue to develop the values, knowledge, and competencies that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives
  • who will be confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners
(Ministry of Education, 2007)