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Sports Information 2017

2017 Sports Coordinator: Alexia Skipper-Jones

There are a number of sports available to children at school and after school.
The information and links below will give you the information available to us, that you may require about each sporting code.
Some sports are organised through our school sport co-ordinator and others are organised at a club or association level. 

Uniforms: For any school owned uniforms, it is expected that children will play their game only in the uniform and then remove it for laundering. We do not want children eating or drinking anything (other than water) whilst wearing the uniforms. This is to protect the investment.

Fees: These are set by the various sporting associations and clubs. We collect the fee and pay the bulk invoice. We divide the amount invoiced by the number of players and on-charge that fee. We ask for fees to be paid in full prior to games commencing. For cases of genuine hardship, there are people we can approach, confidentially, who are willing to help out. Please see your team coach or contact the school office. Except in exceptional circumstances, once games have commenced, all fees paid are non-refundable.

Timetable Clashes:
Please check the days and times of sport activities before you register as some of the games, especially the summer sports, are run on the same day. Or you may have multiple players needing to be in different parts of town. You may have a talented sportsperson, but not one so clever as to be able to be in two places at once!

Please be sure that you are going to be able to support your child to commit to their chosen sport. It is difficult on organisers, coaches and team mates when individuals pull out or fail to commit fully.

Summer sports –Term 1 and 4  2017

Flippa Ball  for Y3-6 visit   REGISTER 
Flippa ball is an adapted game of water polo played by two teams.  A team must have a minimum of six players, made up of 5 field players and 1 goalie in the pool at one time. 
The pool is shallow, (approximately 1m) allowing players to stand on the bottom of the pool. Players are permitted to walk along the bottom if they do not have the ball.  If in possession of the ball the player must swim or pass. Players can use ONE HAND ONLY to catch, pass or shoot the ball.  The exception to this is the goalie, who may use two hands. The game consists of two halves. 
Wednesday evenings, 3.45pm-7.15pm
Held at Omokoroa No.1 school pool, Plummers Point Rd, Omokoroa

Water Polo for Y7-8
All information at 
Played at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Aquatic Centre, Windermere​​​​​​​
A Grade and B Grade teams play on Tuesdays.  Grading games begin the season, to sort out which team goes into which grade.
C Grade teams play on Fridays and include intermediate school teams and primary school teams with players trying out water polo, moving up from flippa ball. 
The local competition acts as a building block several intermediate water polo tournaments, including the NZCT AIMS Games (Tauranga - September), Tim Sonderer Memorial Trophy (Auckland), the Winter Festival (Auckland), and the North Island Year 7 & Water Polo Championships (Auckland - November).

T Ball 5-7yrs and Softball 7-11yrs

 For all information, visit

 Both TBall and Softball have been adapted for younger players and offer the opportunity to develop many skills including passing, catching, striking, running and teamwork

 Venue; Carlton Reserve, Otumoetai, played on Saturday mornings.

Term 4, 2017 will continue on in Term 1, however, if your child is interested in playing either of these games, there is the possibility of new players. 

Rippa rugby  - REGISTER HERE
Run by BOP Rugby Union, visit

Location: Omokoroa Sports Ground reserve (Monday’s 4pm – 6pm)

Y1-2 , 4pm, Y3-4,  4.30pm, Y5-6, 5pm, Y7-8, 5.30pm
Rippa Rugby is a fast moving game which is fun and simple to play, for boys and girls.  Played with 7 players and 3 substitutes


Hockey -     Registrations closed
Kwik sticks – Yrs 7 & 8  
Friday nights starts Fri 5th May 
Venue; Mt, Tga Boys, and Bethlehem  turf
6 a-side mixed or single gender, play on half turf
Indicative Fee $200

Y3-6, Coach Forum Saturday 6th May.  
No games on this day.  Practical session, run by the THA Coaching Committee will be held for ALL coaches.  
Hockey Festival Day Saturday 13th May.  
Skills based sessions for players and coaches to be run by THA Coaching Committee and Masters Committee.

Kiwi Sticks  - Yrs 5 & 6 
Saturday mornings
Venue; Mt M, and Bethlehem turf
6-a-side mixed or single gender
Development division is play on quarter field
Indicative Fee $50-60

Mini Sticks - Yrs 3 & 4 
Saturday mornings, 
Venue; Mt M, and Bethlehem turf
6-a-side mixed or single gender
Development division play on eighth field
Indicative Fee $50-60

Fun Sticks -  Yrs 0- 2
Venue; Te Puna  or Tga Boys College turf
starts week of 15th May.  It is a introduction to hockey, enter as individuals. The aim is for children to develop hockey skills in a fun way with lots of small games.
Indicative Fee $50

For draws and results visit

Uniform –black shorts/skorts, Pe top, black/blue striped socks, provided.
You can purchase you’re own socks from the school office for $18.
Shin pads and mouth guard required.

* On THA Website 7:00am Saturday mornings
* On Tauranga Hockey facebook page
* On MORE FM 93.4 after 7:15am Saturday mornings

 Netball      Registrations closed.

 For draws and results visit

 ANZ Future ferns Programme, held at Harbourside Netball Centre

Starts Tues 2nd May 3.50pm
20 minute skill session on game day
Four per side, two eight minute halves
Played across one third of the netball court
Starts Wed 3rd May 3.50pm
15 minute skill session and 4 x 8 minute quarters on game day
Five per side - two attackers, two defenders and one centre
Played across two-thirds of the netball court
Starts Sat 6th May 9.00 and 9.50am
Games are 4 x 10 minute quarters with an interval of 2 minute between the first-second and third-fourth quarters, played on full court, 7 v 7.
A rotational system is used by all teams to ensure all players get equal opportunities to develop their skills and experience playing equally in all positions.  

Starts Sat 6th May

Cancellation notices will be posted on Harbourside website
or Harbourside netball centre facebook page


 For all the information, visit

Y7 and Y8                                                 Registrations Closed
starts Monday 8th May 5.00-8.00pm
4 x 10min running clock quarters
Venue; ASB, Mt M

Y5 and Y6                                                                                   Y5 / 6 Grading Week Draw: (click)
Starts Fri 12th May 3.45-8.00pm
4 x 10mins running clock quarters, full sized hoop
Venue; ASB, Mt M

Y3 and Y4                                                                                    Y3 /4 Grading Round 1 Draw (click)
Starts Tues 9th May 3.45-6.00pm
Full court 2 x 14 min halves
Venue; ASB, Mt M

Y1 and 2 Little League tarts Mon 15th May 4-5pm
22 mins long game, development focused league, kids are exposed to basic rules of basketball in a fun and safe environment.
Venue; ASB, Mt M and QEYC, you chose the venue

Organised through clubs

Organised through Te Puna Rugby Club