Welcome to the K-2 music page! Here you will find links to notices, newsletters, lyric sheets and recordings related to Parkside Elementary's music program. It serves as an alternate way to access the information I send home, along with additional resources to prepare your child for upcoming music events.  

Xylophone Connection!

Every school year, our kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students play  xylophones, color-coded as shown below. All are labelled with numbers 1-8 and the steps of the scale, do- re- mi- fa- so- la- ti- do. If you would like to, you can find  xylophone apps and online xylophone for practice and fun.  I have uploaded some of the songs we do, along with the patterns we play to them. (We generally play something to go with them, rather than the melody itself). 
 Just for the record, xylophones are by definition made out of wood (xylo- means "of wood"), so these are technically called glockenspiels.  In February, students played the tone bells shown above, which are color-coded the same way. At Tenino Elementary School (grades 3-5), students will play an 8-note scale of boomwhackers, identically color-coded, so this is a great introduction for steps of the musical scale.
Click on the GLOCKENSPIEL SONGS link for recordings, play by number guides, and musical notation for the songs that we play on xylophones.

The other three pages in this site contain files of music for the 1st and 2nd grade music programs (the 2nd grade one coming up in November) and for the Winter Sharing program mentioned above (posted in November or early December).

Contact information for Mrs. Wellings: Telephone: 264-3800, and email address: wellingsb@tenino.k12.wa.us.

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