Support Ten FM, your local community radio station, by becoming a member or a volunteer.

To become a member, download the Membership Application Form which is available in the "Documents" tab.

Buy and Sell

The Ten FM "Buy and Sell" segment is broadcast twice daily and is FREE for Ten FM members. 
For non members the cost is $5.50 per notice per fortnight, and payment is required at time of booking. 
Item description to be kept to 15 words or less (this includes the phone number). 

If you have lost something, or found something, Ten FM can help you by announcing details on-air.

If you've found small items such as glasses, keys or other personal items, these can be left at the station for identification and collection. 

If you have found or lost a dog, cat, bird or other animal, Ten FM can put an announcement to air.
We cannot however, accept found animals here at the station.

Call Ten FM on 02 6736 3444 or send a fax to 02 6736 2197.

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