Ten FM Announcers
Ten FM announcers are the heart and soul of the station. They play the music you love, keep you up-to-date with the local and
international news, and most of all, provide you with enjoyment which will make your day.

How to become an Announcer
Becoming an Announcer is a quick and easy process here at Ten FM. It does involve a lot of practical hands-on training.
To become an Announcer just email us about your interests using the form on the contact page - > Click Here to go
there now; or call the station during business hours on 0267 363 444. You need to become a member to be covered
with insurance & to use the station equipment. If you're focused, love music and can sit still for an hour or two, radio could well be for you!

How Do I Benefit
Becoming an Announcer could be your first step and a smart move towards making it "big time" in the radio industry. Ten FM has seen
local announcers move to commercial radio and as much as we would like them to stay with us - we also feel proud to know
we trained them and started them off. So by volunteering and by becoming an announcer you learn valuable skills to kick
start your career in the Radio Industry. Even if you’re not interested in a career in radio, it’s a great way to make lifetime friends and
it also doubles as a great hobby. Become a local identity and major contributor to a vital source of information & communication
in the wider listening area!


                    Steps to becoming an announcer include:
                        - reading our Codes of Practice 
                        - sitting in during two other radio shows 
                        - three training sessions with available volunteers:
                            - How to use mixer 
                            - How to use the computer and trouble shooting 
                            - How to plan and execute your radio show 

                      *** call the Station today on 0267 363 444 ***