Broadcast Information

The community station transmits on FM frequencies of 89.7MHz with a 4kW transmitter located on Mt Mackenzie, 
8km south west of Tenterfield NSW and 98.7MHz with a low power transmitter situated on Mt Marlay, which is a few kilometers 
east of the Stanthorpe CBD. This repeater services areas around Stanthorpe to a distance of about 10km.

RDS Compatible

Some recent upgrades to our broadcast equipment has made our FM signal RDS compatible. RDS - Radio Data System is a 
technique which allows us to send along with our normal audio stream, digital information like the song title of the 
current track on air and the name of the current show on Ten FM. Sadly not all home and car stereos receive RDS,
though we have found after some local research that the new Holden Commodore Series 2, Subaru Forester, New Sony, 
Pioneer and Clarion Stereos receive RDS. 

An easy way to find out if your stereo receives RDS is by tuning it into Ten FM (89.7 or 98.7 FM), our station name
"TEN FM" should appear on the stereo screen if the stereo has RDS capabilities. 
Another way to tell if your stereo has RDS is by looking for this symbol -

RDS Logo

For more information on RDS (Radio Data Stream) read the Wikipedia article - Click Here

Interactive Broadcast Area Map