CPD and Training Programmes

All courses are facilitated and delivered using dynamic activities that are transferable to the learning spaces of the participants.

1. Cooperative Learning – how to maximise engagement to transform learning. We want to create powerful experiences where students are: enjoying learning; working independently; developing social skills and making significant progress. The Kagan approach to Cooperative

Learning at TTC has been transformative in enabling us to be outstanding. Simple activities or ‘structures’ engage all students; the achievement gap narrows and classrooms become places of fun and rigour. We haven’t finished the journey yet, but it’s been an exciting ride so far, and the results prove its effectiveness.

Topics include:

• Simple ways to transform the energy of the classroom
• What explains the impact of Cooperative Learning?
• How can I make use of it in my classroom tomorrow?

2. From good to outstanding – taking the next steps. There are lots of different ways to be outstanding and this course follows the OFSTED idea of not recommending one approach only. Here at TTC we have got lots of outstanding teachers who make learning experiences really special for our students. By reviewing both theory and practice, a range of dynamic ideas to ‘take the lid off’ learning are explored. Both design and delivery aspects are included, as we consider what outstanding looks like and even feels like.

Topics include:

• Flow and engagement
• Student motivation
• High Order Thinking / Questioning
• Brain-friendly classrooms