The Tendring Teaching School Alliance is proud to work with CamStar. CamStar (CamStar (Cambridge, School Teachers and Research) is a non-hierarchical, collaborative research group working closely with teachers and schools to deliver world class educational research.

CamStar began some twelve years ago with a very small number of teachers researching in their own subject. From there it has grown into a national (and international) network of teacher researchers with over thirty schools and hundreds of teachers taking part in school based research. In joining CamStar, your school commits to supporting you in your research and in providing opportunities to share work in progress with colleagues.

CamStar in turn will offer web based and, where possible, face to face training and resource to help you identify your research questions, select appropriate methods to collect your data, help you analyse and prepare your findings for sharing with colleagues. CamStar also offers conferences so that teachers can share their research, opportunities to write up for a CamStar certificate, to develop your work for Cambridge accreditation (within the

Faculty fee structure) and to write up in the CamStar online Journal. We have also developed an NQT/RQT ‘arm’ with support and conferences each year, designed especially for early career teachers.

CamStar introduces you to a like-minded group of colleagues whose professional interests will help shape and enhance your own research, and thereby your own teaching and your students’ learning.