National Professional Qualification of Middle Leaders

Who can apply

You should be a middle leader in a school with the responsibility of leading a team, for example:

a key stage leader
a curriculum area leader
a pastoral services leader
a subject leader
a head of department

What’s involved

The normal duration of study is 12 months. Depending on your experience and other commitments, you could complete in 6 months or it may take a maximum of 18 months.

You’ll need to complete 2 essential modules, 1 further module of your choice and a final assessment.

Each module requires up to 50 hours of learning, including:

around 20 hours of practical learning in your school
face-to-face peer and facilitated learning
reading and reflection
online learning

Essential modules

You must complete both of the following modules.

Leading teaching

Learn how to develop, improve and sustain high-quality teaching within a team and identify strategies to help close gaps in attainment. As part of this module, you’ll learn:
the principles, models and practice of effective teaching and learning
how to identify outstanding teaching and learning
leadership strategies to influence and improve the quality of teaching
leadership and management strategies for achieving high standards of pupil behaviour
how to analyse and use performance data
how to achieve and maintain high-quality subject specialisms within the team

Managing systems and processes

Learn how to implement whole-school policies with your team in a systematic and consistent way. As part of this module, you’ll learn about:
the principles, theories and models of leadership
effective management structures, systems and processes
managing resources, including financial management
how to manage teacher appraisals and staff performance
behaviour management and pupil attendance
health and safety legislation, including child protection

Further study modules

You need to complete 1 of the following modules as well.
Effective leadership of special educational needs provision
Leading and developing staff
Leading an effective team
Leading change for improvement
Succeeding in middle leadership

Find out more about what you’ll cover in these study modules.

Final assessment

The final assessment is a task drawn from work on a school improvement priority where you lead at team level for an extended period. You’ll need to show that you can:

make successful and sustainable improvement in your school
use the experience to reflect upon and improve your own leadership skills

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