Easy access to JAVA graphics, GUI input and Sound

What is SimpleGUI?

SimpleGUI offers easy access to basic drawing, GUI, mouse and keyboard interaction in JAVA. With a few lines of code, and without diving into the depths of advanced graphics programming it allows programming beginners to participate in the excitement of graphical output, and to experience the advantages of using GUI elements in their own programs.

SimpleGUI features
  • Single code-line to create a graphical-output/GUI window
  • 2D drawing commands for graphic output
  • Text output
  • A customizable GUI element section
  • Keyboard input
  • Mouse input
  • Availability of all input in either sequential or event based programming style
  • Basic animation
  • Basic Sound Output
SimpleGUI contains basic 2D drawing commands (boxes, ellipses, lines, text, images), which are intuitively accessible with parameters like location, size, stroke width, color, transparency. Using SimpleGUI, a single line of code opens a window featuring a drawing panel and a few customizable GUI elements.With a little more effort, SimpleGUI even allows for animation, and low level image processing.

Who should use SimpleGUI?

SimpleGUI is designed as a graphical in-/output tool for JAVA beginners, and for those who need quick access to graphical output. It is designed to be used in beginners' education, to allow for exciting programming assignments, featuring graphical output to replace the standard console IO.

SimpleGUI comes either as single jar file or as a Netbeans project.  Of course, using the SimpleGUI package is independent of any IDE. However, the step-by-step examples in the manual are tailored for Netbeans. If you are a JAVA beginner, and you need these examples, it will be of advantage to switch to Netbeans. The jar file was compiled using JAVA 1.7. If you run into version problems, recompile the source. For non-beginners, SimpleGUI should be straightforward and self-explanatory.

How to Start

Please download the project or jar file, and the manual from the download section. Just add the jar file to your project and play around!

SimpleGUI was written by Rolf Lakaemper, Temple University, 2013.
V1.5, 4/2014