Scope and Topics

HPC Cloud computing offers better resource utilization and more software flexibility to researchers. There are also challenges. These include virtual machine administration complexities and less performance compared to traditional HPC clusters. As a budding community, we are always looking for credible experiences in using HPC cloud for different types of applications.  The SHPCloud workshop is dedicated to disseminate research reports and experiences in HPC Cloud applications.

SHPCloud-2012 is the Second International Workshop of Sustainable High Performance Cloud Computing. The first workshop was held in Banff, Canada, September 2011 in collaboration with HPCC2011.

Suggested Topics:


  • Investigative reports on delivered performance for computation intensive applications with or without failure and recovery
  • Investigative results on delivered cloud performances for computation intensive applications
  • Experiences in non-main stream HPC paradigms
  • Experiences in using auction-based cloud resources
  • Experiences in virtualized GPU for HPC applications
  • Experiences in virtualized network for HPC applications
  • Innovative failure prevention and recovery methods
  • HPC security considerations using cloud resources
  • Communication infrastructure virtualization experiences
  • Private cloud implementation experiences
  • Innovative cloud auction pricing models