Welcome to Ms. King's 3rd Grade Classroom

Dear 3rd Graders,

Welcome to 3rd Grade!  I am Ms. King and I am thrilled to be your teacher this year!


You should be excited for this upcoming school year.  In History, we will be learning about the brave men that left Europe and discovered new and exciting worlds.  We will be learning about how our country was founded and how it spread from coast to coast.  Some of the people we will learn about are George Washington, Paul Revere, and Lewis and Clark.  In Science, we will learn about animals, ecosystems, Earth, and the solar system.  In Math, we will be learning about multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry.  


I would like to encourage you to participate in my favorite activity this summer - READING!  You can go anywhere in the world in a book.  I want you to read, read, read! Read everything books, magazines, comic books, cereal boxes, etc. Please be prepared to share with me and the class what you read this summer.   


I would also like you to practice your cursive writing.  If you practice for 15 minutes every day all summer 3rd grade will be easy!  Also, make sure to practice your multiplication facts.


I have a treasure chest that students are able to visit if they are going above and beyond what is expected.   I also rewarded students with a trip to the treasure chest if they are caught being organized, responsible and well-behaved.  


You will need to come to school prepared with certain things.  Our supply list on our classroom website, as well as, the school website.  Each day you need to bring to school a healthy snack, a nutritious lunch, your homework, and an independent reading book.  I do have a classroom library where you may borrow a book if you wish.


Enjoy the rest of your summer, I cannot wait for you to join our class!  Make sure to bring your brains, your smiles, and of course, yourselves! It is going to be an extraordinary year!



Ms. King

 The best way to contact me is via email at:


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