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Book Selection




Materials selected for the Temecula Preparatory School Library will be made to best implement, enrich and support the mission and vision of the school.  Materials must serve both the breadth of the curriculum and the needs and interests of individual students.  The library strives to provide for a wide range of abilities and many points of view on issues.  To this end, principles are valued above personal opinion, reason is preferred to prejudice, and freedom of opinion is prized above emotion in materials selection.  It is library policy to select appropriate, high quality resources.  Under the supervision of the Principal, the Library Coordinator is responsible to oversee selection of library resources.  Selection will be based upon the following criteria:

-              educational significance

-              contribution the material makes to the curriculum and to the interests of students

-              favorable reviews found in standard selection sources

-              favorable recommendations or requests from faculty

-              reputation and significance of the author, producer or publisher

-              validity, currency, and appropriateness of material

-              contribution the material makes to varied viewpoints on controversial topics

-              user appeal

-              artistic and/or literary quality

-              quality and variety of format

-              timeliness or permanence


The Library Coordinator may use, but is not limited to, the following resources for review of library materials:

-              Follett Online MARC records

-              Booklist

-              Horn Book Guide Online

-              VOYA Voice of Youth Advocates

-              Online summaries and reviews

-              Bibliographies, professional journals, award lists, student, parent, volunteer and faculty recommendations, as appropriate


The same selection criteria will be used for purchased, donated and gift items.  Items donated to the library that do not meet the selection criteria will be re-donated to local city libraries or sold in order to obtain wanted material.


If the inclusion of a book in the Library is questioned the Library Coordinator will re-assess the title and follow up with individual who has questioned the inclusion of the book in the library.  If the outcome of the re-assessment is not satisfactory to said individual, then completion of the book review sheet is requested, and the Library Coordinator and administration will meet to discuss the objections.  Withdrawal or inclusion will be determined solely by the decisions of the Library Coordinator and administrators.






Donations of books and other educational materials to the Temecula Preparatory School Libraries will be gladly accepted.  These donated materials will be added to the library collection if they:


-             Support the curriculum

-             Have literary value

-             Meet the same criteria as books selected for purchase by the Library Coordinator

-           Be in GOOD condition



 Donations that do not meet these criteria will be “redonated” to the public library or sold.


The Library Coordinator is not obligated to add anything to the collection simply because it is donated or free.  The decision to add a donation to the collection rests solely with the Temecula Preparatory School Library Coordinator.  The Library Coordinator can issue receipts for tax purposes at the donator’s request.  Donors are also encouraged to read the Library Selection Policy before making a donation.