When you subscribe to the Email->Text/SMS service, you can also send text messages/SMS by using our different API:s.
In order to shorten your development time, TellusTalk can adjust to your existing communication interface in your application, just send an inquiry to support@tellustalk.com, or you can use our standard interface. Please check below for technical specifications.
The basic functionality, available on all platforms, when using our SMS service is: 
  • Multiple recipients
  • Flexible originator setting: Phone number, text or intelligent reply-SMS
  • Automatic handling of resend tries in the event of TELCO operator delivery problems
  • Functionality for internal invoicing 
  • Online statistics in your browser
If you use our messaging service via API you can also use:
  • Automatic or user defined handling of complex SMS functionality such as headers, concatenation and code pages
  • Adjustable delivery time
  • Adjustable message expiration time
  • Follow up/delivery receipts via API (continuous reports or fetch reports when needed)
Please contact us for assistance in getting started!


Use our RESTful style API with full Messaging functionality. 


A very simple way to send, using a http call. Limited functionality compared to the other options.

If you want to send an http-get string (...?value=value..) please use the following url:

Use the following parameters:
userid(get from our support)
password - (get from our support)
to - phone no
text - the text

https://api.tellustalk.com/sms_send/http_gate?userid=HereIAm&password=sEcr3t&to=076123456&text=Here's a simple message!

You can edit this example to set the appropriate values, and paste into the search bar of your web browser.

Any request sent this way will be reported "OK", incorrect user-ID and password will not be notified. 
For delivery follow up, you can choose delivery reports in the user Toolbox.


A detailed description of our XML-only API, please download the file below.
Please note that this API will not be subject to any development or new functionality.

Rasmus Ekman (TellusTalk),
11 May 2018, 02:23