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Secure messaging

ATTENTION: This service is currently only available in Sweden, using BankID. 
Our hopes are that we can offer this service to an array of other countries the nearby future. 
For more information in Swedish:click here

How does secure SMS-messaging work?

The recipient receives an SMS with a description, in order to access the message the recipient must click the link. The recipient then states their personal identity number and is directed to the BankID app. After a successful legitimization the recipient can view the message.

Why you should use Secure messaging 

- With Secure Messages you can, independently from apps, plugins and complicated configurations, send and/or read secure messages. The messaging service is accessible from both your mobile phone and your email.  
- Decide in advance who should be allowed to read your message. 
- See who has and hasn't read your messages.
- See when the recipients opened your message.  
- Encrypted messaging that ensures security and privacy.

Send Secure SMS - from your Email

The method of messaging is similar to when you send SMS from your email, however there are some slight differences. While messaging you also add your recipients personal identity number.  

The Swedish identity number referencing system:
(year)-(month)-(date)-(4 digits identification number) 

If a person for instance has the personal identity number: xx-xx-xx-xxxx
The adress should look something like this: 0701234567&

Allow multiple individuals to read your message by adding ''?login='' followed by their unique personal identity number for each authorized recipient. 
Example: 0701234567&login=xxxxxxxxxx&login=xxxxxxxxxx&

Send Secure Emails - from your Email

Use the * if you don't know the recipients personal identity number, or replace it with one or more numbers. For example

Send Secure SMS and Emails from your web browser

Log in to the toolbox and press send.
Simply Add ''?login=personal identity number'' after a different adress and/or number in order to allow multiple to access.  

In the receiving field you indicate mobile phone numbers and/or email addresses, fill in "mixed" if you wish to send both.


State your errand
(IMPORTANT NOTE) The writing here will become visible for the recipient immediately, thus not requiring logging in to BankID. Therefore, be careful so that you do not write your desired secure message in the errand box.  

The written text in the messaging field will require logging in to BankID in order to view for your recipient. 

Send Secure SMS and Emails via API

For information about various API-commands including the certain check out: restAPI