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New platform - new domain

Last update: 2017-05-07 13:00

Service window completed:
 Friday 5th of May at 7 PM (CET +1) - Saturday 6th of May at 6 AM
All your messages have been delivered without interruptions. Some delivery reports have been lost, a few faxe deliveries were delayed. 

Why the service window?
We have migrated to a new platform. Most of you won't notice any differens. Overall, everything will work the same way it has before.

We are now also sending email from an other domain.
For those who have developed applications built around emails from us(such as receipt handling, incoming SMS and incoming fax), change your application for receiving emails even from the domain

For the customers whom are aware that email usually gets stuck in their spam filter, also make sure to whitelist emails from the domain

Change your API requests to an new url
The following changes will (in time) be required:

For API-users: Change the URLs you are using from to
This also applies to the ones who use Outlook's integrated SMS service.
For the ones who use shortcuts: replace them.

For the ones whom have also made their own manuals for their users, update them.