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Guide: Email Marketing Checklist

In today's society, every living soul has an email address, because it is simply faster than snail mail. Adjusting your marketing to the email format may not be a walk in the park, since there are several factors which play a part in your success. Here's a list of some things which will help you on the way!

Identify your target audience!

- Where do they live? Do they study or work? What is the average age? Find out where your target audience frequents and what they are interested in, customize your content based on what is popular and in the news right now. On Valentine's Day it might suit better to email about chocolate and flowers instead of a discount on your bananas. Read the current news from the same news outlets as your target audience to stay updated on what is popular and sparks their interest.

Keep it mobile-friendly!
- Today, a great amount of people open their email in their mobile phones, which is why you should make sure links lead to mobile-friendly webpages. If you do not take it under consideration, the bounce rate of your webpage may increase dramatically.

Never forget the call-to-action!
- Tell your customers exactly what to do; "buy bananas for 15% off, visit our store for more excellent offers!"

Timing is everything!
- Emails which are meant to convey that you for example have "30% off on oranges on Friday the 13th" should be sent out the the same or one day ahead of the event taking place. If you send it out on Monday and the discount starts on Friday, the majority of your customers will have forgotten about it come Friday. (Which means you will have to eat oranges all weekend.)

Limit the amount of emails you send!
- Do not spam your subscribers with emails. You risk both unsubscriptions, loss in goodwill and ending up in the junk mail, so keep it limited. One email per campaign is more than good enough. It is also important to remember that adding an unsubscribe-button in your email is mannerly and vital for goodwill. The function is of course available in our service.

Avoid being marked as spam!
- By using personalized messages customized for the recipient, your carefully planned email avoids ending up in the junk mail. Read more about the function here. There are also services which you can send your email to for spam analysis before they are sent to the subscribers - have a look at

Keep track of the statistics!
- To gain more clicks or interactions in your emails, you should keep a close eye on the statistics of your email distributions. How many people open the email? What do they click on? The best way of finding that out is through our function "job statistics", which you'll find below every email distribution.