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Mobile interface

Our new login adapted for a fast and convenient mobile and tablet use!

Send and receive messages in your mobile or tablet.
Just as easy as your normal SMS-app, no installation required!

and log in with the same username and password as in the Toolbox.

The interface

Start screen looks like this.
Bild på det nya gränssnittet
And shows all your messages (conversations) that is sent or received.

The symbols to the left indicate that the message is incoming or outgoing.;


And this message let´s you create a new message. 

Read the whole conversation
If a conversation have more than one thread click on it to read them all. It can look like this, the latest thread is shown on top.

<- To go back to the start screen (see image above..), click on the arrow up on the left. 

Send message
Click on the 'plus' symbol on the start page to create a new message. 

• Send messages by choosing from existing contacts in your list, type in new contacts and click 'Add' and choose one or more groups to send to. Combine as you like and or need.

• Attach files is of course possible, simply click on the paper clip symbol.

• Mix recipients as you like in one message, send as SMS, Mail and Fax at once. The only limit is that on your account.

Log out
To log out click on the three (3) dots up on the left. And a new windows opens.

Add Mbox as a icon on your mobile start screen for quick and easy access! 
Android: Click on the 3 dots up on the right, then chose 'Add to start screen'.

iOS: Click on the "share symbol" then 'Add to Home screen'.