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The administrational tasks are few and simple, accessible from a special administrator's web interface. You appoint one or more persons that will perform the administrational tasks for your organization with the customer admin interface. The end-users of your organization manage the administrative tasks related to their personal profile with the toolbox function. Under normal circumstances while commencing usage of a service, no personal adjustments are to be required.

If you wish to divide the costs of Tellustalk’s services to different parts of your organisation, our feature Internal Billing is to be found helpful. Internal Billing is an add-on module that you can connect to your account in order to facilitate the administration of service related costs.

Through Tellustalk's API, users have full access to all of Tellustalks services.

This tool is most relevant if you wish to send one message to many. The service is compatible with several different methods of messaging (SMS, Link-sms, Email or Fax). This is also the service used when sending messages with personalized/variable content.

SMS, Link-SMS and MMS

Send Link-sms

-Interactive SMS

-Attach all different types of files to an SMS.

-Design your own dispatches.

-Interact with your recipients through the simple reply-function.

-Send business cards as SMS.

- From your web browser or as an email.

- To all registered cellphones in the world.

- Authorized for the US.

- With different options. A phone number that is either your own or one that you have rented from us. Or a auto-reply in the shape of a text.

- To distribution lists who you have created. Send messages to them from either your e-mail or the web interface.

- To several individuals simultaneously.

- You can send SMS via our API by XML or HTML post.

- You can use Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 and Sharepoint 2010.

- You can also send SMS using Facebook.

- Date validation


Send MMS:

Send MMS via either e-mail or the API.
If you wish to send larger amounts of graphical data to a lower price we recommend you to chose our service Link-sms instead.

It is also recommended that you chose link-sms when messaging abroad as dispatching MMS will in general cost more.

Text to phone call:

The function allows you to transform your written messages into telephone call. 
The service is compatible with all different tele-communicational devices.
This feature is always included in the SMS Service.

Receiving SMS & MMS

All of Tellustalks messaging services offers the ability to recieve responses from your recipients. If you wish for your customers or other who are interested to initiate the contact with the company you represent, Tellustalk offers different additional functions that can serve this wish: 

- You have the possibility to rent a phone number through Tellustalk. The number is then connected to your email adress, and on that number you can receive SMS & MMS. - You can attach an auto-reply to incoming SMS and MMS. The reply can be in both letters and numbers.                                                                                                          - You can receive SMS and MMS via our API.                                                                                                                                                                                                             - You can rent a credit card and connect it to a certain number, in order to trigger the credit card you can assign a specific password that is sent as a SMS to the number.                                                                               - You can also receive SMS & MMS to your email.  

SMS settings:
As a customer you gain access to a personal toolbox, in which you can alter the services to suit your needs. Here is where you for instance chose from where you want the message to 
originate from. You can also send sms and edit distribution lists from your toolbox.


Send Email:

- Create distribution lists with implemented Email-adresses, use them to send graphically formatted Email to your recipients. This feature is perfectly fit for electronic newsletters and allows for mass communication.

- Intelligent built-in functionality, you can add links to for instance subscribe or unsubscribe, surveys or statistics.

- Smart e-postadresses with usable function minimize the risk of getting caught in spamfilters.

- Complement your distribution lists with phone number and the recipients will in addition to the email recieve your message as a SMS. Keep in mind that the SMS-message can not provide the same graphical content as an email.

-Receive feedback on your dispatch in your email inbox without risking that everyone who you have communicated with receives the message.

Email to Phone Call

Send a text message via email that is automatically transformed into a spoken message on the recipient's phone.


To send fax

- Simple and fast as an email.
- Fax that is receivable for all existing fax machines.
- When you send a FAX, a cover page is created automatically. The design of this cover page is chosen/created by you and your organisation.
- Dokuments are attachable.
- Within a couple of minutes you will receive a receipt containing the result of your fax transmission. 
- You can send the same fax to many recipients at the same time. Click here to read more

To receive fax

- You will receive a fax number that you rent from us. Received Faxes are delivered as PDF-files attached to your emails. 
- Your Faxes will always be received, as the apparatus is constantly running.  
- You can have incoming fax delivered to one or more alternative email accounts.
- The fax that is adressed for you can only be read by you. 

Fax cover pages

If you have specific needs regarding the fax cover sheet design. Edit you cover page using html

Personalized messages

With this feature you can send one message to many recipients simultaniously and at the same time have some personal information added to each message. The recipients first name for example.

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