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JH Science Fair


Approval Form Due: Feb 21, 2013                Project Due: May 21, 2013

Mission: The Science Fair of Tekonsha High School is to enrich the science and language arts curriculum by providing students with greater scientific interest, dynamic scientific investigation, and build lifelong learning skills. 

Purpose: Tekonsha High School students will demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific inquiry through experimentation and research.

Objectives: Students will express their scientific investigation and publication by creating a solid research problem or idea, test their hypothesis, and publish their conclusion through visual display and written report.  

Project Grade: The science fair project will be graded over five areas that will total 500 points and be award in their science class grade over the second semester.  Late projects will be subject to a late grade for each additional day past the due date (subjected up to 25% deduction per day late). Plagiarism will result in zero credit. The teacher has the right to make any change. 

Jr. High Student Science Fair Handbook (see attachment below):

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Feb 4, 2014, 2:50 PM