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Physics Lesson Plans & Homework Assignments:

Physics is scheduled to be offered again during the 2014-2015 school year!



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 Analyze and predict position, time, velocity, and acceleration using graphs, motion diagrams and different frames of reference.
 Describe, classify and solve problems that involve circular, projectile, or periodic motion.

 Analyze the effects of inertia and resistance forces suchas air resistance and friction and their effects on acceleration.
 Solve problems involving force, mass, acceleration, and Newton’s law of gravitation.

Momentum & Impulse
 Apply the law of conservation of momentum to analyzethe motions of systems of objects.
 Solve problems involving momentum and impulse including simple collisions.

Mechanical Energy
 Solve problems involving work, PE, KE and the law of conservation of energy.
 Apply the law of conservation of energy to analyze the motions of systems of objects.

Electricity & Electromagnetism
 Explain how objects are charged in terms of conductionand induction and charge distribution.
 Use electrostatic attraction and repulsion to explain common experiences with charged objects, electrostatiforces and electric current.
 Analyze series and parallel electric circuits in terms of electric current, resistance, voltage, and power.
 Use magnetic repulsion and attraction to explain common experiences with magnets and magnetic objects.
 Relate magnetic fields and forces with electric current such as in the workings of motors and generators.

 Understand and solve problems involving frequency, wavelength, and wave speed including examples of light and sound.
 Describe and predict how waves and wave motion change due to interference with other waves and their surroundings.

 Analyze the effects of heat, temperature, and efficiencyin thermal systems.

 Understand nuclear fission and fusion and the interchangeable nature of mass and energy.