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High School Science Course Information

Suggestions for Tekonsha High School Students:

College Bound Students are recommended to take:Non-College Bound Students are recommended to take:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • At Least One Additional  Science Elective
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • At Least One Additional Science Elective

College Bound Students Schedule Recommendation:  Non-College Bound Students Schedule Recommendation:
Freshman: Biology
Sophomore: Science Elective or Chemistry
Junior: Chemistry or Physics
Senior: Physics or Science Elective
Freshman: Biology
Sophomore: Science Elective
Junior: Chemistry

Tekonsha High School Science Course Information:
*Tekonsha High Students are Required to have three classes/credits of science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and at least one additional science course).

Biology   (grades 9-10)

Suggested Prerequisite:    None

Course Description:    Biology is the study of living organisms. Students will cover topics in: Organization & Development of Living Systems, Interdependence of Living Systems & the Environment, Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity.

Semester #1 Topics:    Ecology, Cellular Biology, Genetics, and Heredity  

Semester #2 Topics   Classification, Evolution, Microbiology, and Human Biology

Biotechnology (grades 10-12)

Suggested Prerequisite: Biology & Chemistry

Course Descritption: Biotechnology introduces students to the exciting and dynamic interrelated fields of science, math, technology, and engineering. Students will be involved in new technologies through practical applications of environmental science, genetic, plant science, and animal science. Learners will learn modern techniques and skills through current research, hands-on teaching and husbandry practices. Students may select projects from one or more of the following content areas. Each project selected is designed to enhance the students experience through "learn by doing". After successful completion, students will be prepared for post secondary education in the area of science, agriculture, medicine, health, engineering, and other related fields.


Chemistry   (grades 10-11)

Suggested Prerequisites:    Biology and Algebra I

Course Description:    Chemistry is the study of matter and changes among matter. Students will cover topics in: forms of energy, energy transfer & conservation, properties of matter, and changes in matter.

Semester #1 Topics:    Elements, Atoms, Ions, Nomenclature (Naming Compounds), Balancing and Predicting Chemical Equations, and Calculating Molar Mass.

Semester #2 Topics:    Thermal Energy, Atomic Properties, Chemical Bonding, Gas, Liquid, Solid, Acids & Bases, Oxidation & Reduction, Radioactivity & Nuclear Energy, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry.


Earth Science   (grades 9-10)

Suggested Prerequisite:    None

Course Description:    Earth Science is the study of physical geography concepts that relate to Earth. Students will cover topics in geology, weather, astronomy, and processes that change the Earth’s surface.

Semester #1 Topics:    Earth’s Energy, Bio-geochemical Cycles, Human Impacts, Earth Formations (Landforms, Rock, & Minerals Formation), Plate Tectonics, Rock Cycle, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes.

Semester #2 Topics:    Water Cycle, Weather & Climate, Atmosphere, Glaciers, Oceans, and Astronomy.  


Environmental Science   (grades 10-11) {offered every odd year}

Suggested Prerequisite:    Biology or can be taken concurrently with Biology

Description Course:    Environmental Science studies the physical and biological concepts of the environment in which it involves the academic areas of biology, chemistry, and demography as it relates to the interactions of humans and the environment. Students will cover topics in environmental quality, plant systems, human resources, conservation, pollution, and ecosystems.

Semester #1 Topics:    Environmental Foundations, Earth Characteristics, Ecological Interactions, and Biomes.

Semester #2 Topics:    Energy & Earth’s Resources, Human Impact, and Managing Human Impacts.


 Physics   (grades 11-12) {offered every even year}

 Suggested Prerequisites:    Algebra 2 and Geometry or Pre-Calculus (Pre-Calc or Geometry can be taken concurrently)

 Description Course:    Physics is the study of matter in which as it relates to motion. Students will cover topics in: motion of objects, forces & motion, forms of energy, and energy transformation.

 Semester #1 Topics:    Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Force & Motion in Two-Dimension, Gravitation, and Rotation Motion, and Momentum.

Semester #2 Topics:    Energy, Waves, States of Matter, Light,  Electricity, Magnetism, Quantum Theory, and Nuclear Physics.

*(Students will need a TI-30, 83 or 84 scientific calculator.)

***Note: Information is by published by Mr. Jahn to provide students with course information for successfulness in the academic area of science.